SSF4 Vega winquotes!

I wanted to post a complete version , but i was getting sick of not meeting the right people in arcade mode. oh well maybe i can fill up the last 3 with your help! :smiley:

  1. “No one compares to my beauty. Nor to my strength.”
  2. “Not even the gods could create something that compares to my beauty.”
  3. “Blood red is the most beautiful colour known to mankind.”
  4. “Power and wealth are meaningless in the face of blinding beauty.”
  5. “I look the most beautiful when glimpsed in the moment of your demise.”
  6. “I am at my most beautiful when I am dealing the victory blow”
  7. “The most I could do is beat you with unmatched beauty and grace.”
  8. “Fighting ugly opponents depresses me to no end.”
  9. “The weak have nothing to offer and should be culled from the population.”
  10. “I am beautiful.”
  11. “Victory is beautiful”

T-Hawk: "Your land? Your tribe? What utter nonsense!"
El Fuerte: "What is that horrible stench? Is this what you deem to be cuisine?"
C.Viper: "You fight for money? Tell me, my dear, just what beauty is there in that?"
E-Honda: "You should have covered your whole hideous face in that makeup."
Cody: "You are hardly ready to be released back into civilized society, you wretch."
Cammy: "Perhaps he has some semblance of aesthetic taste after all…"
Chun-Li: "Your beauty and strength impress. I shall remember this day."
Seth: "You are nothing but a heap of rotting garbage, destined for the furnace."
Akuma: "Power is not everything, fool! Beauty far outweighs such barbaric concepts!"
Zangief: "Fighting you was the lowest point of my life so far, you ugly brute."
Makoto: "You are a diamond in the rough, my dear. Sadly, it may be too late to polish you."
Sakura: "Flowers in bloom are beautiful. Pity they don’t all make it to adulthood."
Gen: "Aging, sickness, loss of face. You are a veritable smorgasbord of indignity!"
Deejay: "Your music sounds like acoustic death, a concept you shall soon know very well."
Rufus: "You just made the top of my list of things i want to kill violently."
Balrog: "Leave my sight lest I forsake my lunch, you uncouth lout."
M.Bison: "I now stand alone atop the summit of ultimate power and beauty!"
Abel: "I don’t know why i bothered fighting you to begin with"
Adon: "And here I thought Sagat was the ugliest Muay Thai fighter in the tournament…"
Hakan: "Just when i thought you couldn’t get any more disgusting, I had to touch you."
Dhalsim: "Just gazing upon your distorted countenance is enough to make me retch."
Guy: "Your speed and techniques are inferior to mine. I expected more from you."
Guile: "Talk of friendship bores me. No one is good enough to be my friend anyway."
Ibuki: "I was impressed with your looks, but your fighting disappointed, my dear."
Blanka: "I don’t want to defile my claws with the foul blood of a feral beast."
Ryu: "Killing earnest heroes like you gives me a special kind of pleasure…"
Sagat: "Concepts such as pride and strength hold no sway in the face of beauty"
Ken: "The concept of true beauty is lost on superficial men like you."
Juri: "You, my dear, are the superlative personification of evil beauty itself."
Gouken: "You remind me of your students - Crass and lacking in the social graces."
Fei long: "If your voice was any more irritating, I would sever my own ears in spite."
Dudley: "Another snob who mistakes greed for sophistication? Spare me."
Rose: "You say you see a dark future? As long as my beauty stays, I welcome it."
Dan: "I cannot bear to gaze upon you for one more instant. Leave me at once!"
Vega: ?

These are all fucking GOLDEN!

My favorites are what he says to Balrog, Fei Long, E Honda, Hakan, and Rufus.

God, Vega’s trash talk is simply unparalleled by any other character (and his vocabulary is quite impressive to boot!). I like his Gen quote for really no other reason than use of the word “smorgasbord” and the Guile one, because Vega does not fight for his friends. They’re not the best but they made me smile.

Thanks for posting these!

This is way better then those played out one liners from Ryuse.
Vega’s diction is absolutely condescending, gotta love it. Also the Juri quote stood out to me, it takes alot for Vega to admit someone other than himself could be beautiful.

Anyone else notice he compliments the chicks more than usual? Take that Francys! :arazz:

Vega has always had a think for Chun Li, and Cammy. He just likes Juri too because she’s an evil, sadistic maniac like he is. I wonder what Juri’s win quote is to Vega…

I say that because there are some Claw wielders that think Vega plays for the other team. Cough

I love the Gen one myself… how can you not get hurt by those words if your Gen :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I think these are generally a lot more generic and boring than his SF4 quotes. The Rufus and Gief ones are pretty good, but most seem almost plain. He doesn’t seem to be as outright insulting as before, and he mentions blood a lot less.
He does mention killing a lot more though.

Not sure why they didn’t just keep the old ones as well.

Rose: you say you see a dark future? as long as my beauty stays, i welcome it
Dan: I cannot bare to gaze at you for one more instance, leave at once.

Vega: O__o i doubt you can get a mirror in Arcade, unless maybe you play with someone else lose then pick Vega when you fight him.

Try using Random Quote when fighting in vs. From what I’ve seen they use the character specific win quotes.

Easily quote 9.

Lol, Vega has the funniest quotes against opponents man…gotta love this guy.

T-Hawk: “Your land? Your tribe? What utter nonsense!”

lol racist much?

Ok i added Dan and Rose and corrected Sagat, wich i had given Dan’s quote.

Im not sure mirror quotes excist in this game? i know they do in vanilla… i tried 30 times, but it also could be unlucky.
Maybe ill add what opponents say to vega later.

Vega is the man!

is comments are hilarious!

does anyone know the japanese quote on his second ultra?
i can’t quite make out the last word he says… (the word after “minikui”)

not being racist… just not caring about t hawk nor anything about him…

When I first saw his quotes to Hakan, Fei and Dudley’s…I laughed my ass off SOOOO hard XD

He seems to have expanded his vocabulary a lot since the last game :rofl:

his win quotes vs rufus, ryu, gouken and dudley are gold.

Hey. Thanks alot for posting these. I use 11, nice and simple.

i love that blanka quote lol