SSF4 vs. SNK Night at the Grill


Thursday nights at the Afro Dojo are going to be streaming a unique way of playing SSF4 from now on.

Our goal is to level up here in the North West. That means hard work, smart training and the right environment that supports high level play.

Introducing SSF4 vs. SNK Night at the Grill every Thursday at the Afro Dojo:

  • $5 gets you entered into the SSF4 vs. SNK tournament
  • Another $5 can get you food from the Grill
  • Judges will be required to run each station in order to enforce and teach the rules of the game

How to play SSF4 vs. SNK Rules:

  • Select Versus Mode and set the game to best of 1 round with 99 seconds
  • Each Player has a total of 400% life or 4 ratio points(equivalent to 4 rounds of play) to use in their match
  • Each Player must select a team of 3 different characters. No same characters, no more than 3, no less
  • The Players teams and orders will be blind select with the use of the judge
  • After both teams for both Players have been determined, each Player must select their first character according to their order to begin the match. Players will play in a 3 vs 3 King of Fighters style of play using their 3 characters
  • With the round settings set to 1 round, after the first match, one of the players first characters will be the victor. The judge will then determine what percentage of life is left on that characters life bar, and then they will round it to the nearest quartile. An example would be if you had 65% percent life left, you would round up to 75%. if you had 33%, round down to 25%. The only exception is that you don’t round down to 0% unless you have only 5% life left on your bar. Otherwise, anything higher than 5% left would be rounded up to 25%. This is used to tell you how much life that character will have in the next match
  • For winning the match, the winning character is automatically rewarded a 25% increase in health for their next match. Example would be if you won with about 55%-60% life left, you would first round down to 50%, then add 25% for winning, and your character will then fight their next match with a 75% health handicap. Judges always have the final say in how much life is left on the winning character and the winning bonus can only be applied once per character
  • An additional 25% health can be added to your character as a special bonus if you win with a fully charged super meter at the end of the round
  • Upon winning the first match, the winning player’s character continues on to fight their opponent’s second character with the handicap of health selected on that character. The new character will always come in at 100% life
  • After all 3 characters on a team have been defeated, the losing player gets to pick their anchor character to be their last chance at victory. Anchor characters may be picked on the spot but must be one of the 3 characters that are on that players team. Anchor characters may use the 25% life bonus for winning more than once. And if one Anchor character wins a round and will then face the opponent’s Anchor character next, that Anchor character is granted a 50% life bonus for winning, instead of 25% for the last fight.

So there you have it folks, please feel free to ask questions about it now if you don’t understand anything so that maybe you guys could play test it at home before showing up to the next Grill Night.


This is an interesting idea. I like it alot.

Since finals finish for me on tuesday, I will definitely try to make it out to this.


sounds good. im in.


A bison all day


Heres my team. Akuma original, Akuma alternate 1, Akuma alternate 2. Lets do this!


This sounds really fun. I’ll be done with exams this Wednesday, and having three day weekends every week during summer quarter make Thursdays widely available for me throughout Summer.

I’m relatively new to the competitive scene, but would really like to get my hands on some opportunities to improve my game. Would it be cool for me to join in?


Anyone got a place I can crash? I’ll bring stream goodies?


Quick question…will there be casuals still?

I play 2 characters on a serious lvl…each one for certain match-ups when applicable. Therefore I probably won’t enter these. PLus the too many rules followed by judges…character fuck-ups…setting up everything…this looks like a little more bite than chewable.

Will the dojo be running any normal singles tourneys in the future?


I see what you guys are doing, but I think it’s too complicated.


Carlos, in your sig I see three characters…
But its clearly not even for money, its playing super, CvS style. I think its worth giving a shot.


This sounds awesome, and I may have to make my first trip out to the dojo Thursday.


Sounds like an awesome new take on the game. Very interesting. I hate to be a downer, but with evo coming up right around the corner I think it would be best if we practiced evo style until then. This idea would be fun, but I’m trying to stay in tournament mode, playing in the style that will be played while I’m at evo so I can have my game sharp by July 9th. IMO this would be best suited for after evo but it’s worth a try for now if people are just trying to have fun. I might be there but I’m really just trying to train my game right now and take the game more seriously. I’ll save fun for after evo.


Just wanted to say that I’m excited to take part in this as I think it’s a great way to force people out of their element and play with a different mentality. Whether the mentality be to play more patiently (read better footsies) or use more of the cast for that matter, this is a great idea and I’m all for it. The ability to branch out and look at the game differently is a HUGE thing that our scene needs to focus on.

I’ve heard a lot of players say that they were incredibly amazed at the Norcal footsie game, and to be honest with you Cvs2 is a BIG reason for that. The entire region is Cvs2 nation…arguably the 2nd best region in the world in Cvs2 and right behind Japan for that matter. In Cvs2, footsies and patience are a must and Norcal is so good at it because of their stiff competition. In other words, to compete in the game you HAD to be great in those 2 aspects of SF.

The logic is pretty simple, if you have only 15% health left and you are going up against a 100% health character, you want to do as much damage as soundly and safely as possible to get a lead for your next character right? This was a key reason as to why footsies were so important (also because of it’s slow pace) and so rewarding in Cvs2. To put it simply, this style of play instills you learn 2 key aspects of SF that a lot of people don’t put a lot of value on here in Seattle…patience and zoning/footsies.

On a side note, Riki, Sunday night will be tournament night so it’s not completely thrown out the window. Lastly, I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Korean Frank for hooking it up with asprin last time I was there. I was about to have a crazy fever but we caught it just in time, thanks my dude


yeah, riki. as mickey said, i don’t think this is for fun really. i mean, it seems hella fun, but this is gonna get our footsies game better, and just more matchup experience. big ups to Tanaka for coming up with this. hope to make it out for this sometime soon.


I like it.

I really really like it. If I ever got a Friday off, consider me in! I will most definitely be tuning in though.


Didn’t know tournament night was Sunday. I’m in for both then.


As many people have stated, this is more to work on fundamentals (defense and footsies) as well as getting more match up experience against other characters. I honestly think that Bokkin you should try to come out to this. Keep in mind that you can roll Cammy or Akuma last, and to top it off you’ll get to play one of them at least twice. But it’ll be interesting to see how you’ll play your Cammy/Akuma when at the start of the round you might be at 50% or 25% against someone that is at 100% life.


Its more of I’m not going to drop $5 to do something I think is not going to help me overall for evo. Its not necessarily about money, more principle. On this principle I will come to the dojo and play causals or MM’s 2/3 rounds FT? but I’m not going to do something I think is going to be a pain in the ass to run/participate in. I hate to be the devils advocate here but anytime we’ve tried to do something moderately difficult in a non-professional setting it has either A)Taken WAYYYYY to long and still got fucked up B)Just plain never got put together completely.

Why would I play at 25% life in certain situations? I play each round as a FULL round. I practice how I want to compete at EVO. WHy the fuck would I do something counter intuitive? I think like riki said this would be a fun idea AFTER evo and I would participate then but until evo is over I’m going to play my 2 main characters strictly to level THEM up in situations I’ll BE facing at evo. I’m aware of what I need to work on, and this is not going to help towards my goals.

Ghrrk…Dudley is not even on par with my cammy/akuma you know this…I hope to get him there though.

If all the setups at the dojo will be dedicated to this I plan on bringing my own then.

Edit: Oh shit never mind…I may just roll through on sundays though.


I am all for this.

If we want to get better, we need to try new shit out, because what we have been doing isn’t working well. This SNK style of matches helps us think outside of what we are used to, which will help out are overall game. We have tournaments with “EVO” format every week. It’s time to try something new.


this isnt as complicated as you all think it is. me and duncan we’re doing it and you get used to it after 1 run through. it definitely helps. you learn to play alot differently than you normally do. takes you out of ur element. forces you to play more defensive / footsie based