(SSF4:X) SF4 full conversion mod thread. v0.39 Alpha now available! [04/14/2014] (19 chars!)


Current Version available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agketoeoz6wyqxy/SSF4X%200.39%20Alpha.zip (Unzip this into your main SF4 Folder)

Older Versions:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/640vpx9y4t2ud8n/SSF4X 0.37a.zip

The current version is also available on Avenue Brawler https://dl.dropbox.com/u/95809562/Avenue%20Brawler%20Manager.zip Something I highly recommend to all PC users!

Thought I’d create a thread for the project I’ve been working on and mentioned in the USF4 thread. Even if no one posts in here this will be the place I’ll try and keep the information regarding character changes and videos for the purposes of informing people who want to play the mod upon release.

I’ve been slowly developing a mod for SF4 that aims to be a complete conversion of the game into a more rewarding fundamentals oriented game. It gives everyone lots of new options and tries to reward smart play rather than simply setup play that SF4 has been slowly devolving into. The mod will be different enough to feel worth playing but not SO different as to move into “Mugen” or “Marvel” territory. I want to be less oriented towards crazy over the top stuff like most mods are (SF4Remix is awesome though and everyone should try it for a good time.)

Here is a breakdown of the UNIVERSAL changes occurring to every character:


Almost every character is getting a walk speed boost. (Currently only Vega (Claw) has not received a boost to walk speed) the amount varies character to character.

All backdashes are having their invincibility reduced from 8F to 4F. Airborne frames still occur right after invincibility wears off. Many backdashes are getting a couple of frames removed from recovery and/or having their distance increased to compensate.

95% of normal attacks are getting between 1F and 3F more blockstun (varies move to move and character to character.) Sweeps are getting 2F LESS blockstun however.
All non-command normals are getting ~15% more pushback on block to compensate for the additional frame advantage (to prevent jab fighter and other potential issues) sweeps will be getting the additional pushback as well so while less blockstun they are safer via distance in some cases.
Light attacks are getting 15% more pushback ON HIT as well (But not on counterhit)

Stand to crouch transition is considered “Crouching” on first frame (no more uncrouchable setups.)

Level 1 focus attack no longer causes a crumple state on counter hit. Now causes 25F of hitstun instead.

Crouch tech has been removed as an option. Hitting LP+LK (or any combination of buttons that includes LP+LK) will always cause you to perform a stand throw attempt. While this makes defending yourself a bit more difficult there is an advantage: It is now possible to kara throw via crouching normals which opens up a number of characters kara throw options. (Most notable being Evil Ryu’s incredible crMK kara option.)

Characters with poor throw ranges and/or no viable kara throw are getting small buffs to throw range.

Throws getting damage increased across the board. Most being upped between 15-30 damage/stun.

Throw whiff animation frame count increased by 5F (Now 3/2/25)

Ultra damage being lowered 10-15% in most cases (a handful will be less such as Chun’s U2 and Guile’s U2 which may get buffed.) this is to reduce “comeback factor” but still retain their strength as tools and still be a threat.

Meter gain getting completely reworked for everything. Normals have been changed as such:
Light attacks no longer build any meter on block for either the attacker or defender.
Medium attacks now build 5 meter on whiff. However on hit the meter has been reduced from 40 to 30 (not including the 5 meter from the startup)
Heavy attacks now build 8 meter on whiff. However on hit the meter has been reduced from 60 to 40 (not including the 8 meter from the startup)
ALL attacks (including specials) now only build 25% meter on block for the attacker. (Down from 50%)
ALL attacks (including specials) now only grant 33% meter to the defending player (Down from 50%)
Most special moves are getting between 5 and 10 additional meter on start up to help compensate for the overall reduced meter on defense or block.
This in general will make meter a more valuable resource but more importantly it will make it so that it rewards the person attacking far more than the person defending. No longer will an attacking player easily give a defender meter just trying to open them up. In addition the added meter gain on whiff will increase the meter gained for extended combos as meter gain on whiff is not subject to combo scaling like meter gain on hit.

Overhaul of INPUTS for moves:
All non-charge or 360 inputs are having their buffer window reduced. Any 12F buffer is being reduced to 8F and any 16F buffer is being reduced to 12F.

DP motions are being reworked. Shortcut is still possible however you must end the final input on down+forward or forward. UP+Forward is no longer accepted for any DP motion as it’s final input. This means that it is possible to perform walking fireball input easily and consistently by performing a Tiger Knee type motion of QCF - Up Forward + P this will ALWAYS get you a fireball input instead of a DP input now.
Many input errors being fixed (Back - Forward - B ack - Forward no longer causes a counter for Gouken or a DP for Fei Long for instance.)

Some characters may have a motion input changed. (T Hawk Condor Spire now QCB instead of reverse DP. Rose Soul Throw now a qcb + kick instead of a DP motion. Soul Spark now a QCF instead of HCF.) this is merely for ease of use and consistency. All changes will be clearly noted and may or may not make the final build depending on feedback.

Many normal attacks getting damage buffs (emphasis on anti airs)
Most moves getting hitbox / hurtbox tweaks (emphasis on anti airs)

Some normals will be getting special properties on counterhit such as even more frame advantage than currently given (Ex: Juri’s far MP now gains 6F more hitstun on counterhit instead of 3F) or more damage (Gouken’s far HK does 140% damage on counterhit instead of 125% damage.)

Supers getting varied damage buffs.

Most characters changes are 90% buffs, there may be a handful of compensation nerfs or sideways changes that could be considered either a buff or nerf dependent on your point of view. These changes, like all of them, are subject to change based on testing.

Those are merely the universal changes, every character is getting lots of individual changes and buffs. Here are a few sneak peeks of SOME of the changes for the characters I’ve been working on.

NOTE: I will not be listing the universal changes that are not character specific such as meter reduction / increased pushback on normals for any characters change list unless the change is different than the universal ones

Inside: Sneak Peek videos of individual characters.



Current Status:
Cody - Complete (Beta stage)
Gouken - Complete (Beta stage)
Vega (Claw) - Complete (Beta Stage)
Juri - Complete (Beta stage)
Blanka - Complete (Beta stage)
THawk - Complete (Beta Stage)
Rose - Complete (Beta Stage)
Dan - Complete (Beta Stage)
Cammy - Complete (Beta Stage)
Fei Long - Complete (Beta Stage)
Honda - Complete (Beta Stage)
Balrog - Complete (Beta Stage)
Seth - Complete (Beta Stage)
Guile - Complete (Beta Stage)
Zangief - Complete (Beta Stage)
Ken - Complete (Beta Stage)
Akuma - Complete (Beta Stage)
Ryu - Complete (Beta Stage)
Sagat - Complete (Beta Stage)
Makoto - In Progress

Currently available change list can be found here:
http://pastebin.com/bp0tRfn3 [Last updated 12/04/2013] [Currently only has notes for Cody, Gouken, Rose, Vega, Partial Dan Notes]

I had to use pastebin due to character limit on posts preventing me posting the notes here. Once a characters notes are complete I’ll start doing supplemental change logs to show what was changed from the previous build so you don’t need to check all of the notes.

Decided to release with 9 instead of 10 simply due to wanting to get some feedback and actual playtime from players to see if people like the direction it’s progressing. I’m 100% open to all criticism and encourage you to try and break this and see if there are bugs or dumb stuff like infinite combos or something that I missed. Patch notes are in-progress as they are very time consuming to do since I don’t have any sort of comparison tool so I have to check each file move by move.

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bring that gouken to ME Joeboo!


This is very ambitious. I wish you luck and I admire your effort.


Updated with a new video and status change on THawk and Vega.


Dat Goke! I want it.


Man that’d be a good mod all by itself.


One of the new universal changes I’m adding that feels right (to me) in early testing: Supers now have stun damage values. These are subject to change as testing occurs, I’m trying to do it based on a combination of strength of the super, ease of landing it, strength of OTHER uses for meter for the character, ease of gaining meter, and non-damage related aspects of the move (Is it an incredibly good punish like Chuns? Does it offer a ton of corner carry like Cody’s? Does it leave the opponent in a good position for a mixup like Hakans? these are all factors I’m trying to consider when altering both the damage values (As almost all supers are getting buffed for damage due to the high cost and the fact meter is more precious in this mod.) and the stun values (as I have no baseline to really draw from.)

Here are the current standings:

THawk - Super damage buffed from 430 to 450 now does 450 stun as well. – Thawk is a strictly a punish / surprise super and needs the meter for EX Spire and EX Tomahawk. I may lower the stun down to 400 depending on the mixups that present themselves or the ease of gaining meter shown in the match once players get a chance to try out the mod.

Cody - Super damage buffed from 350 to 370 and now does 430 stun. Cody’s didn’t get a particularly huge damage buff and will remain ‘mid level at best’ in terms of damage. It has an above average stun though as I feel that is an important aspect of Cody’s gameplay. Cody’s super still has a habit of dropping people (I dunno how to fix this without A LOT of work) and is mostly a round ender but Cody also doesn’t have good ways to spend his meter (this is further emphasized in my mod as well.) so it is easy for him to have excess meter for Super. Plus it offers a LOT of corner carry (one of the most in the game.) which is great for him.

Juri - Super damage buffed from 605+70 (370) to 80+604+70 (390) now does 360 stun with the stun broken down as 100+45*4+80. This emphasizes the first hit and last hit as the most important. Juri builds meter incredibly well and due to the far forward lunge on her MK Super it’s a very good punisher. However it has a habit of dropping people or not getting all of the hits sometimes so there was a noticeable damage buff despite the fact it already did above average damage. In addition Juri uses meter very often for some of her combos and for her wakeup options so the meter cost is a bit important to her. For the most part projectile supers will be lower stun than other supers however.

Gouken - Super damage buffed from 345 to 355 and now does 395stun. Gouken received a rather small buff. While Gouken has much better damage per meter spent using EX moves and FADCs I feel that the fact his Super is a 3F anti air is a really big deal for a character lacking a strong reversal or anti air special. In addition Gouken has a new way to combo into his Super that his other moves cannot utilize: His overhead is now +3F on hit! This gives him a very scary overhead potentially (Many characters will be able to combo out of their OH or in general have better OHs in this mod). Invincibility was increased from 4F to 8F to make it a better anti air.

Vega - Still working on his super (as he has 3 different possible versions with different damage.) however I believe I will make his slash version do noticeably more stun than his Izuna drop as the slash does much less damage and is harder to land due to being a strike instead of command throw. I hope to make both have merits instead of always going for Izuna, though Izuna will likely still be the best option in most situations.

Blanka - Haven’t done his yet at all.


Curious about how people feel about this, I’ve already talked to Oilforthewin about it but I’d be interested in other views as well:

Should the transition from standing to crouching be considered crouching on the first frame? The fact is that the transition between standing and crouching is considered “standing” until you are fully crouched, this is what leads to uncrouchable setups as you are forced to go through the transition between standing and crouching on wakeup unless you do a wakeup crouching normal which will skip the transition and go straight to crouching.

In changing the transition period to be crouching however I believe would make fuzzy guard setups much stronger as well since overhead moves that use fuzzy guard (such as instant overhead jump back) would hit instead of be blocked as you cannot crouch block an overhead and you’d be considered crouching during the transition period rather than standing as you currently are.

This however would weaken some things for specific characters. For example: Sagat’s high tiger shot cannot hit crouching opponents, the transition period however is considered standing currently, that is why when you walk forward and try to duck under a high tiger shot you often end up having to block it. The same thing would apply to Juri’s MK Fuhajin and a couple of other moves that can’t hit crouching opponents.


Updated main page with nearly complete Cody change list to give you an idea of how extensive this mod is. I freely admit bias and will rely heavily on feedback and videos once the mod is released to help tweak characters I am less familiar with. I’ve been trying to reach out to character specialists whenever possible to get early feedback on changes I’m implementing. Cody is likely the single most altered character, both the most buffed and the most nerfed.

Once I’ve compiled Gouken’s list you’ll see that Cody isn’t nearly as broken as it may sound just from his patch notes.


i’d just like to see no FADC on block for starters. that would make the game a little more offensive. then if that doesn’t mess up the game, try faster wake up timing to curb unblockables (or just take out unblockables if you can). i’d like to see a bunch of changes but there are so many characters that the variables are almost endless.


I think that by strengthening the ground game as much as I have as well as making meter more valuable as a whole the FADC on block mechanic will become less important or at the very least it will be more expensive.

The unblockables unfortunately are something that could only be done via engine changes which modders can’t do without modifying the .exe file and tinkering with the assembly. Since that can lead into piracy territory most of the modding community decided to avoid that and concentrate on learning the file system of .bac and .bcm since so much can be achieved simply by modifying those.

Changing wakeup times IS an option BUT it’s one I’d like to avoid as it would mean completely learning new setups (which will already need to be done due to some frame data changes on moves) and balancing wake up timings can be difficult (look at adon in Super) it is something that would be a last resort. My hope is that by making characters strong enough to defend themselves effectively they can stay out of positions were unblockables become an issue for them on defense.

Obviously these are all things that I’ve done my best to consider but I’m only human. I fully expect that this mod will break something and be unbalanced in some form or another but thankfully a single person such as myself can be a lot more responsive to discoveries than Capcom and can keep an open discussion on my views as to why I did something and if a new discovery is counter to my intended design (which doesn’t mean it will be changed, if I feel that it is an interesting and/or dynamic change that makes the character more open it may left in or even emphasized.)

As you can see from my Cody changes I’m touching on damn near every normal or special move in some form and while somethings may turn out broken I’m avoiding “mugen/marvel” juggles/infinites/full screen garbage/ect. (Even just since posting my first round of change logs for Cody I found I had made a mistake and made his slide too good and subsequently nerfed the blockstun down as well as nerfed the blockstun on his f+MP which I had accidently increased by 3F instead of 1F)

Thanks for the feedback!


All of this seems good, Im very interested on seeing the “final picture”. Could you buff a bit Vega´s AA options? Not ST cheap but at least that he can AA decently, even a trade would be good.

BTW I have ALWAYS said that after connecting an EX Sky High Claw ( D U + PP) there is a considerable amount of “possible juggle” time after it. At least that he can connect a S FK or something, it seems sad that connecting something so useless (most of the time) he gets no reward.

Keep it up!


Many of Vega’s AA normals got buffed but it will still be (to an extent) an area of weakness for him by design but certainly not to the extent he is now. All STs got hitbox buffs but no invincibility added to EX ST. His backflips were sped up a bit. As for EX Sky High Claw, I’m not going to give it juggle after BUT there is a good reason: While it’s not a great reversal Vega’s EX SHC is now 100% strike invincible until it reaches the wall where it becomes 100% projectile invincible (like it is currently). At the very least it gives Vega a way to potentially escape obvious setups and gives him the safety of having to be hit out of the air OR having to punish the EX SHC on block (plus you could potentially use it as a corner escape). I also might (but have not yet) increased the blockstun a little bit on it.

Personally, my favorite change I’ve given Vega is a rather minor one actually. Vega can pickup his claw/mask during the active frames of his crHK slide. It just seems so… well logical to me. He is right there, why can’t he just grab em while sliding over em? So I did that. (Also his remove claw builds 25meter now and not having the claw makes his punch attacks do 25% more stun)

(That isn’t to say juggle on EX SHC is out of the question though, anything and everything is subject to change in this.)


Fireballs as armor breakers please? :stuck_out_tongue:
And just generally half the game not being “fireball invincible because fuck you”.


Wrong thread! Deleted.


You can’t follow EX Zonk up with anything new, right?


Nothing NEW persay. However I increased U1 juggle potential from 1 to 2 so that he could do EX Zonk - U1 in the corner still (as otherwise he’d lose the ability to combo to U1 from EX Zonk due to the loss of ability to FADC the first hit) he can’t do EX Zonk - U1 mid screen against most of the cast though. Also U1 damage was lowered from 464 to 424.

Really he actually LOST juggle options after EX Zonk since he can’t do EX Zonk - FADC - Crack Kick - Criminal Upper any more.


After reading your op, you won’t be able to plink cr.lk anymore? You will get a standing throw every time?


You could still plink crLK using back but yes this is an unfortunate side effect. It is however the only way to remove crouch teching AFAIK.


Any chance you can give Chun her 3S back+HP back.