Ssf4 zangief execution challenge

Ok, at first this was spefically for one person, hcm batman or something like that but the zangief boards are starting to get a infux of new players and i thought this would liven up the board a little bit with a execution challenge. This mostly just tests, input accuracy, your linkability ( yes, i did just make that up lol ) and distance to land the most damage instead of just doing a lame ass lariat like all scrubs do for damage.

The first too challenges were specifically for htm batman, but anyone can take it on, i really welcome the experience zangief players to take those on. Also, to notes, INPUT DISPLAY MUST BE ON AND NO FUCKING TURBO. ok, with that being said let’s get it .


The first two challenges are one frame link challenges everything else, has mix in links.

Challenge number 1

  1. Must perform cr.lkx4 on bison 15 times in a row.You may 3 attemps at this challenge and only allowed to miss it once in a given set. which would put you around 90+ % accuracy.

For everyone else whose trying this you must do cr.lkx3 7 times in a row, all the other ruless still apply

Challenge number 2

  1. Must perform cr.lp to close to ex hand 10 times in a row.You may 3 attempts at this challenge and only allowed to miss it once in a given set. , which would put you around 90+ % accuracy.

For everyone else whose trying this, you have to do it 6 times, same rules still apply.

Challenge Number 3

distance challenge

This tests your ability to be able to get max damage, during a particular point in a specific situation.

3a. Must perform j.hp, cr.lp far. st. lk ex hand 5 times in a row. you may have 3 attempts and only only allowed to miss it once, in a given set.

3b.Must perform hp headbutt, cr.lkx2 st.lkx2 ex hand 5 times in row.You may have 2 attempts at this challenge and only allowed to miss it once in a given set.

3c.Must perform neutral j.hp cr.lp ex. hand 5 times in a row, you have 3 attempts and only allowed to miss it once in a given set.

4d. Must perform j.hp st.lkx3 ex hand 4 times in a row, you have 3 attempts and only allowed to miss it once ina given set.

Challenge Number 4
Link Testing
This tests your overall ability to perfrom multiple links, with different timing in a combo without meter.

Must perform close st.lp cr.lkx2 st. mp

4b. neutur cr.lp must be on ch for this to work
4c. cr.lp st.lkx2
4d. cr.lp cr.lp


Challenge 5 Walking 720 special request challenge
Must perfrom cr.lp walking 720 on both sides 3 times.

5B perform, the same challenge in a actual match

Challenge 6 Focus attack crumple to Sibberian blizzard

6a In a actual match
6b In training mode, do the instant sibberian blizzard make the sibberian blizzard go backwards, then do it and make it go forwards


j.hp cr.hp 2
hp.headbutt cr.hp fadc lp spd this is for shits and giggles lol.Warning the spd does not combo, it’s a reset lol.

I’m all for a challenge…the number in a row though is beyond my ‘comprehension’…I’m ‘lucky’ to even land 3x once in Super :rofl:

  • :bluu:

OK, I will lower the number lol


ANYONE CAN TAKE UP ANY PARTICULAR CHALLENGE THAT THEY WANT, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ALL… BUT I DO RECOMMEND DOING TWO at least.Damn, i had to tone down a few of these challenges they were a bit too hard. ok, i cut it down to 3 now, everyone should be able to do that.


Yes, man, at least if we are going to have some gief players here and new comers, they should practice some of his practical combos and know his cool combos .Also for the advance people that got bored they have something to put their mind to work like that walking 720 challenge, distance challenge and link challenge. Overall we as gief players need to level up and if this challenge turns out to be a hit, then i will make more challenges in the future.Plus with gief getting nerfs and buffs and everything changing about him it’s , best that we try and master anything that we can right now. For the future, i will add different challenges such as defensive challenges, offensive challenges, footsie challenges and match challenges. This can turn out to be good. I play with flashmetroid and his gief is too fucking stick, teaching me alot, so, i think i would like to pass on some knowledge that he has given to me, to help inspire other gief playes.

also for the casual people…that’s why i added the last part … j.hp , j.hp cr.hp fadc lp, would throw anyone off lmaooo and it looks cool as hell too

Thank you guy for trying to keep the Gief community competitive and fun. I’ll try a few of these even though I am definitley not a combo artist.

if i could land 3 of those combos at 80% of the time ill be going to evo an place top 32… no joke,my execution sucks.
and have anyone heard of S.MP x3 i have a friend that told me he did it twice to blanka, i wasnt able to do it once,

he was trolling you lmao… because, i have tried to ex hand… and it’s just the shitty hit box of the that makes it whiff, but i think thats too god like, if that was possible. but yeah 3 would be nice but not possible lol. but shit man, you should try a few of the challenges just to work on your execution

I have really bad execution. Like…seriously. You know how some people say things like “I have bad execution, I can only hit cr.lkx3 to EX Hand about 80% of the time.”? Yeah, you know those people. Well, to hell with those people. Compared to most of you hardcore people on this board I have horrible execution. But I do realize that it’s a shortcoming in my game so I’m willing to give these challenges a shot and see what happens.

I can remember one specific time I comboed 3 far ST.MPs on boxer during one of his rush punches. It blew my mind when it happened. I think what happened was that I pressed the button for first medium punch while he was at a range for far ST.MP to come out, but by the time it actually landed he had rushed forward into the range that a CL.MP would normally come out. So then he was in so deep that I was able to link 2 more without pushing him too far out.

That’s my hypothesis anyway. But I know for sure that it happened.

Don’t Move an Inch Bitch! Challenge: COMPLETE

In the second round, from about 80 to 55, I keep him trapped in the corner with the use of ZERO specials.

[media=youtube]elQ4YWBKmzI[/media] :nunchuck:

gooooooood shit … Nice you had him locked down… Lets see some more videos guys

This thread is awesome! I’ve been working hard on my Zangief and I wish I could show him off, though I don’t have the stuff to do that yet. I’ve been abusing my normals lately, trying to figure out when to use what. Awesome video chief, your Gief is quite high ranked.