SSF4AE 60fps or 59.94fps?


As in title. Don’t PS3 and XBOX 360 run at 59.94hz? Does that make the game 59.94, or is it 60? I’m running the PC version if it makes any difference.


Honestly your eyes wont be able to tell the difference.


Yeah it’s not unfair to say that, but no frame repeats is still better than one every few minutes however small the effect is. Both my monitor and my TV offer 59hz (effectively 59.94) as well as 60hz options at the click of a button, so if someone can tell me the answer to my question I’d rather pick the better option.


SF4AE runs anywhere between 58-61fps on average, it is not 60fps %100 of the time. 59.94 fps is the display rate at which a monitor will produce, so the game at one point could be outputting 61fps for a brief moment, but only 59.94 will be displayed.


I was schooled by people on this forum who told me the game speed is tied to the fps, and this turned out to be true. On my rig the fps barely quivers from 59.9, sometimes showing 60.0 (actually apart from the character menu, which isn’t as stable for some reason) - it’s comparatively dead stable, and it would be since the game runs at a set speed. All I want to know is the technical fps of the game, i.e. is one frame 16.67ms, or is it 16.68ms? Is the game technically 59.94fps or 60fps? There ought to be a definite answer, though if no-one knows then no biggie :p.


6000/1001fps would be the technically correct rate for console since that is what they refresh at.

As for PC, the game locks the monitor to true 60hz when in full screen.


Just what I wanted to know. Thanks very much =)


I tested on one of the earlier versions and on the xbox 360. The frame rate for that game was variable, and affected by whether players had buttons down. I’m not sure I identified other factors.