Ssf4ae and sfxt on pad

Is it even possible? I’ve tried both games and ALWAYS walk away vastly disappointed. I can’t pull off nearly any combos on either game using my pad, let alone consistently. Is it even possible to play this game on pad?

Wolfkrone is decent at SSF4 on a pad…

you just have to get used to it man. i used to start out playing alpha 2 on pad when i was 11 or 12 or something and that was the only thing i knew.
on the ps1 pad i had my face buttons mapped [ ] light punch ^ high punch x med kick O high kick

if you;re coming from a stick, you might as well just stick with that. back when i was used to using pad, i could pull off the crazy combination Rock Howard super from cvs2 (forgot what its called). when i started using the stick i started questioning what ive been doing with my life.

if you really wanna give playing pad a try, id recommend either a ps1 pad with an adapter or a saturn style pad for pc. those are awesome.

Check this:

Not mentioned is Snake Eyes, one of the best Zangief players.

Anything is possible on a pad, practice makes perfect.


All combos performed on a dualshock 3.