SSF4AE...Combo 101, can i ask for tips


hi there guys

when i play SSF4AE i rarely see players do combos, most of the time they do placing and timing their supers. may i ask tips on how can you adapt your hand to do hit confirms, once you hit your opponent you can unleash your BnB.

and may i ask about ryu’s ultra how can you use it properly? do really need to juggle your opponent or use FA then use ryu’s ultra? or maybe if your opponent did a special and he missed or he jumps while mid air?


search the ultradavid channel on, there is a whole episode on hit confirms, the basic advice is expect the combo and stop if your not getting it instead of expecting the block and then trying to combo. You can quit something quicker than start. And which ultra are you asking about from Ryu?


Go into training mode, set your opponent to Random Block, then practice your hit-confirms. If he gets hit with the confirm, complete the confirm for damage. If he blocks, go into whatever set up you would use on block (Tick throws, frame traps, back dash, whatever)

Ryu’s Ultra I starts up really slow, so it lacks any utility as an anti-air. You CAN use it after a Focus, but it’s heavily scaled, so Ryu generally has better options unless your Ultra meter is fully stocked, you have a damaging combo at your disposal or you’re closing out the round. The reason why people juggle from DP into it is because for two bars, the Ultra is extra damage for such a strong defensive option (Ryu’s invincible DP coupled with FADC is safe on block, so they block and Ryu is safe, or they get hit and Ryu gets to Ultra)

Ultra II works better as a direct-anti air. It starts up far quicker than the Metsu Hadouken, and the hitbox is more suited for anti-airing. The problem is it does less damage when juggled into, so it lacks the same utility as Ultra I (Since DP FADC Ultra I does so much damage).


i use the hadouken ultra. but i somehow feel the shoryuken ultra is more useful. but i dont know about its priority if 2 buts close to each other use ultras with each other. what i know has greater priority is Ken’s ultra. the shoryuken one.


is there a video about frame traps? a friend of mine explained it to me but i forgot about it

  1. set opponent to auto block. this is for you to actually practice your combo. if the comp blocks it means you didnt time your combo properply.
  2. once you get step 1 down you can go into random block. this lets you see if you can hit-confirm properly. if the opponent blocks on your first//second hit you go into something safer like a f/b. this step is to see if you can hit-confirm. you should be able to hit the first step at least 90% of the time already. before this step make sure you can do step 1. if they opponent block the first/second attack of the first move you should to into something safer like a f/b. if your opponent didn’t block you should go into a more damaging combo.
    there’s more to it than that, but…


For hit confirms, you can practice it by setting your dummy on random block. Then you attack them with your hit confirm combo, if you don’t know what it is, look it up on match videos or on the forums. If you see that you’re hitting the dummy, finish the combo. If the opponent is blocking, go for a throw, frame-trap, or overhead. Heck, if your spacing is good, you could also push them back out, and then go for another cross-up attack, to continue the pressure.

It’s ALL about practice. Once you practice a hit confirm, or a combo, enough times, it eventually becomes something that you’ll do naturally without putting much thought into it. It becomes ingrained into your muscle memory, which makes it easier to utilize in a real match.

You primarily use Ryu’s ultra as a punish. It’s most effective use it using it in a FADC combo, or to punish a MAJOR mistake made by your opponent, or after a focus crumple. This makes it so that you don’t throw it out randomly, and that you use it for GUARANTEED damage, instead of as a guess. If you guess wrong, you’ll be eating a damaging combo or ultra instead.

I’ve yet to see a Ryu use Ultra2 seriously in a match. It’s too risky to use as a guess. You might be able to use it as an anti-air, but you can use Ultra1 for the same purpose if you FADC the dragon punch. Ultra1 has FAR more utility in live matches.

It’s about purposely leaving a gap in your attack strings, where your opponent can press a button, however the frame trap involves you hitting them early while they’re attacking, so that you get a counter hit. It’s an effective way to land damage against your opponent, since they’ll most likely be crouch-teching while blocking, and this is how you punish it.


Go to youtube and search for a channel named UltraChenTV.
Search for a 1 hour long episode of First Attack on frame traps.


depends if you play ryu more as a zoner or rushdown. The fireball ultra should be used if you are rushing down, since you can more likely FDAC it from heavy offense, or use is naked to punish a wiffed get off me move. The SRK ultra is more useful if you are Zoning, once you have Revenge gauge an opponet is silly to jump at you.


Doesn’t matter if Ryu is a rushdown or zoning character, at some point, your opponent is very likely going to be at close-range distance to you, and he needs Ultra1 to threaten his opponent with a ultra FADC combo for punish. It’s an ultra that gives Ryu a variety of options, or threat of execution, against his opponent, whereas Ultra2 is really only ever used as an anti-air or a REALLY stupid counter hit.

It’s stupid for any opponent to randomly jump at Ryu, regardless of whether he has Ultra1 or 2.


Ultra 2 is pretty terrible. It’s seldom worth using.


how do you play ryu in rush down style? is there a video that i can watch? and what other short effective bnbs does ryu have? i am trying to practice hit confirming and executing short combos. as of now i have l.tatsu + l.SRK and was it pelvis or solar plexus punch then H.SRK.

and how do you do FADC in SF4AE lolz i cant execute it properly in the pc version. in volt version i can do fadc without a problem, when will you input the dash command while doing FA