SSF4AE- getting kicked out of lobbies by the host


It seems to happen in most lobbies, I tend to get kicked out by the host. Im sorry but Im I missing something? I know this sounds like a stupid question but does this happen often to alot of people? or is it just me?


It happens…people can be assholes.
Keep it movin’.


it is usually because of one of the following reasons…

you are too good at the game/bad at the game/you use an annoying character/character host doesnt like/over played character/S tier character/character they think is S tier.

pick one.

i was recently kicked/banned from multiple lobbies… on Midnight Club LA…before i had even played a game.



either that
A. They think I suck
B. they must REALLY hate cody

Im thinking A.


There could be a number of reasons. Evilweevle covered it pretty well.

Myself, I boot players if they consistently use shotos. Otherwise I’m in for a good time, no matter how good or bad the other player is.


I get booted for using rose…


and I got booted for using hakan…


there are several reasons why people kick out of lobbies:

1) you have a bad connection. If you have a green bar, its still possible that the other person has a red bar. This is because of upload speed on one persons end usually, but there are many factors

2) You suck and are boring to play against

3) you keep switching characters or wont play your main. some people want serious matches against new people

4) you bodied them

there are a ton more, but these are pretty common i would imagine. I always kick for 1 and 3. for 2, I usually switch to a weaker character


I think it’s happened to everybody. Don’t worry about it and keep playing (or make your own lobbies… 99% of the time it’s what I do).


Some people also ignore the lobby rules. Like when the lobby says “Less than 1000PP” and you walk in with 5000. Kinda makes you wonder if the entrant can read.


this one


That happend to me before. It wasn’t like I was turtling or anything but when I throw fireballs he always jump into them when you can clearly just block or nj. After I won he kicked me out.

To reply to the thread though there’s been times where I got kicked as soon as I joined a lobby I guess because im not 2000 pp yet ? I don’t play rank often so im just at 1288 pp even though I had this game since super lol but I guess they based my skill on my points. I usually kick people when they are counterpicking me and don’t even know how to play the character or when Im getting trolled. I usually make my own lobbies. One thing I hate is when people join your lobbies and beat you like two times and leave. That’s why I could never learn matchups -__-


It happens to me too, probably cause im noob and in endless, at least on pc, its difficult to find someone that have less than 2000pp, the strange thing is that they don’t kick me out as soon as i enter, they start the match, i wait looking them and as soon the finish im kickded…


Haha this , though i’ve noticed this happens more on ps3 than on pc, usually when you either make a 2 player lobby or join them, most people are willing to play long sessions. I’ve seen those lobbies more on pc than on ps3, but that might be because they fill up slower on pc than ps3. Usually the ones that say “training room” are good for longer sessions too.


so basically people kick you out for not having enough “PP” or “Pussy Points” as I would like to call it.


Like I would join the lobby and the guy would take like 30 seconds to ready up probably cuz he’s looking at my points and I get the boot lol.

That’s the thing though…mostly all my lobbies are training room because im learning Rose so im on my grind and there 2 player lobbies cuz I don’t like waiting. Some people i play we have like 20-30 matches before me or him leave but sometimes I get those you not on my level so ima leave type players. Lol funny thing is last night I had a 2 player training room lobby and somebody joined. We were on the character screen and I pick before he did as usually my opponents wait for me to pick first but yeah I picked Rose and as soon as he seen that he left like WTF!!


I know there may be reasons. However in my experience the single most disheartening and discouraging thing for any online noob, beyond win/lose ratio or even getting perfected, is the message “The host has removed you from this session.”


The most annoying thing is when someone kicks you after you’ve waited through a full match. I typically don’t stay in lobbies with a match going as I join for that reason.


One reason that happens often (as a host) is you host a lobby with say like 3 slots. 1 for you, you’re friend, or an intended friend for later/ a stranger. The thing that happens is people change their minds once they begin playing their friends but instead of starting a new lobby with 2 slots they’re too lazy (like me).

Also I kick innocent people when i want an immediate salty runback against ANYONE. it’s not you guys…it’s me :smiley:


Or ‘they’re French’. Lost count of the number of times a French host has kicked me out when it’s my turn to play. C’est la vie.

How’s Canada, anyway? Missing Blackpool and the Blue Room?