SSF4AE Help Needed

**Note: Moved this thread from the AE forums…since it was apparently the wrong place to put it…but anyways.

**Ok. So I felt that here would be a good spot to post this instead of the Seth boards…since this isn’t JUST a Seth question(s) thread but a general Street Fighter question(s) thread…or something.

Alright, so I searched before I posted this for like a ‘SSF4AE Noobs guide’’ or something and did not seem to find one stickied or through the first or second page…(or maybe I didn’t look hard enough if there is one o.O?) so I figured i’d just see if I could get the communities help with this. I do not seem to understand I suppose the basics (I think) with this game. I play against my friend Doromac (you know, the guy who has a UMVC3 combo video on the front page?) a lot and it is obvious that he is more experienced than me (he ‘‘freelances’’ characters (as in just plays whomever he feels…even though he’s maining Akuma and Dan) but is still able to outsmart me whenever we play (even playing characters that he does not know!). Anyways, I recorded a video of one of our matches we played today to provide more…’‘evidence’’ (I guess that’s the right word for it…) to help determine what areas (if not all of them) that I need work in…

Video: [media=youtube]VVzoUbKIMiQ[/media]

Note: Yes some of the things I did in the video I did not mean to do…but idc anything helps. Also if you didn’t catch on i’m playing Seth he’s playing Akuma. Oh and excuse the quality…I do not have a capture card (lolhepoor ಥ_ಥ) so I had to record with my phone…so bear with me a little).

So what exactly do I need help with? Seth does not seem to have the best pokes in the world…and in some situations (like if someone is fireballing me to death [even though he didn’t do that] or sitting back and Focus attack canceling my Sonic Booms to build Ultra meter) I have no clue as to what to do…and of course I really have not grasped his BnB’s yet. And I guess the fact that I do not understand how to read the frame data charts yet plays a huge role into it (…) but whatever.

So yeah. Any help will be awesome. Thanks.

Yes I expect trolls…

You seem to jump quite a bit and doing unsafe moves like the srk. Try to not to give your friend easy chances to punish you.

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Punish those full-screen teleports and any random full-screen Raging Demon’s.