SSF4AE- I feel like a punching bag


I have been playing this game for about 3 months now and I feel like I have not improved at all. I still get bodied by many people ranked and endless. I understand that losing is part of the learning process but it gets very discouraging, for example: a feilong got me to about 10% of my health while he still has about 80% of his health, since the odds are entirely against me, the fei long decided to taunt endlessly until either the time runs out or until I try going for the attack (and getting destroyed in the process). I feel like other player is laughing at me behind the tv screen thinking I’m some pathetic noob that should quit the game. How can I keep at a positive mood when at a losing streak?


unless you’re one of the few people who can turn anger into “get amazing quick” take a break. if someone is taunting with a life lead, they’re usually trying to get you to come to them. it’s just bait and you shouldn’t let it get to you. if you’re playing someone whos just trolling non-stop, don’t play them game after game trying to prove yourself or something. leave after losing a fair amount of games. figure out what you were doing wrong and come up with a counter (or don’t do what was getting you killed to begin with.)


Be patient at all times. After losing a match, try to figure out why it is you lost, in what situation do you get hit? Why did you get hit? What are you having trouble with in particular? Learn your character’s strengths and his or her weaknesses, be mindful of them at all times during a match and use them to your advantage and press their disadvantage. The main thing is never to get into the mind set that “oh my god, this guy’s just too good, he’s just toying with me”. No, you also have the tools to win. When you start to bond with your character, you’ll learn what they’re supposed to be doing, what they’re good at doing, and you’ll be able to exploit that. But the main thing is patience. You WILL get better, and never let a severe beating make you lose your nerve during a match. At all times use your mind, be mindful of what your opponent wants to do, and how you can work around that and/or make them play the game your character wants them to play.


After every lost game, come up with three reasons why you lost and try to fix them in the next game. By focusing on smaller, fixable problems instead of dwelling on losses gives you a more specific way to improve. It also might help you keep a positive attitude.


You have no confidence in your abilities… and you know why else you can’t win? Cause your scared what people think about you…


3 Months is barely enough to understand the fundamentals of this game, honestly you are too hard on yourself and put too much value on this game. when you are on a losing streak (5 losses or more) go for a break, watch a comedy, call your girlfriend, help do some chores, sleep and then determine not to play online for a while. learn to anti air first and formost, then proceed to learn your movement and adapt to your walking speed. learn your fastest starting and most efficient combo. Play the computer AI (it wont make fun of you) until you have the concept down (anti air, combo, tick throw or anything you practice) then visit different endless lobbies and watch. dont play, just watch watch for a day or two and play a few. then seek out the top 5 players of your character and watch their replays as much as possible.

then enter training mode again and practice what they do most in their matches.

below in my tagline is a link to footsie guide by MAJ (pdf) read through it.

take it easy ok. you will develop in time. Took me approx 1 year to start winning consistently with Gen, so just take it easy, have fun and NEVER let a game depress you. my skype is ugo_2u if you want me to train you for FREEEEEEE!


People are going to get mad at me for saying this, but whatever. Ranked is awful for anything but fun. Check the regional matchmaking thread. If you’re playing people online, play people from SRK in endless.

People taunting online is just dumb, I go 50/50 with some people online that I beat solidly offline every time because of decreased reaction time windows.

Also I’ve been playing for over 3 years and still don’t consider myself good. Getting good at fighting games takes both commitment and time.

You don’t have to play assholes, there are plenty of people on SRK that will help you get better because they want to help out the community. They might be brutally honest and insulting, but for the most part they have good intentions. That’s why I suggest meeting people on SRK to play online. Random online player 20,432 might have fundamentals, but odds are he just hits buttons and hopes that stuff works. Because that works online.


Is there really that much difference between online and offline play? I’m off to my 1st tournament on Saturday and all this on/offline talk has me spooked that I’m gonna fuck up royal.


It’s a big difference, but it’s not like you’re going to be playing a completely different game. You might have to adjust the timing of your attacks and combos slightly, but after some warm-up games in an offline setting, you should be good to go.

It’s your first tournament. Odds are, you are going to lose within your first few matches, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning process. The tournament environment is VERY different from playing online casual games while you sit in your underwear. It can often be very stressful and put you in tense situations that you might not normally feel in a casual environment. The more you experience being in this tournament environment, the better you’ll be able to handle pressure and maintain a calm mental state, and the better you’ll perform in all situations.


When I first started the game…It was only with SuperSF4, but people in my country already played from the first one (we were still few to play the game)
Our online network is so crappy we can’t play the international, so I was stuck playing with only the good ones of my country. I did 1300 matches before I earned my first match against the best player of where I live (thanks lag XD), and he was the only one i could play with online. My first main was Rose, and at that time, he was playing Fei-long…x)
Loosing doesn’t mean anything, now I can say I’m good at this game, and am one of the best players of where I live…we still are few to play it though xD


I too started the game like you. Thing is when I tried to play the game like SF2, ignoring stuff like FADC or extensive combos, I was winning a few matches.Also used a keyboard that allowed some speedy setups.
But then I decided its time to learn to play SF4 as it should be played with FADC and switched to a stick. Or else it would be better to play SF2 instead. After that I cant even win a match, let alone a game. I used to main Rose, now I switched to Makoto and things are even harder. Still I am enjoying the game, problem is that in online play I provide easy prey, so I get ignored often or kicked out of lobbies. Dont really care but this hasnt done online play more enticing.

I have also an alternative account. I could use it just in case…


Huge difference, things that work online get blown up in person. You are gonna get fucked. But that is a good thing. You will learn more in that one day than you have in the last 3 months.


Oh dear, I guess we’ll see! I’m a pretty gimmick heavy player so hopefully if one of my tricks / resets work I’ll be able to pull out a victory.

If I’m getting blown up massively I’ll just use my smoke grenades and vanish. Blame the laggy connection…


Use the smoke grenades as cover to pull the power cord to rage quit in person :wink:


Gimmicks work occasionally, but aren’t relied on because they don’t consistently work. Either way, playing in a tournament will help expose you to how consistently you’re able to get wins.


It’s fine though, I thought I was a good AE player until I started going to the tournys in Detroit and Ohio. But I’m not as good as I thought. I’ve been going to tournaments and casuals as much as my schedule allows and I have gotten much better in the last 9 months. And by much better I mean when I goto a tourny I go 1-2 instead of 0-2. Relax, you are playing people who have been playing the game for many years and every time you get tossed up you will learn something about the game and yourself. An example I played a set of UMvC3 with a guy who was much better than me (I’m new at it so i was 9th lord, he was 3rd lord) It was my Arthur/Doom/Captain America vs his Wesker/Spencer/Arthur and he beat me 22-0. After that ass whipping I understand How to fight Wesker better than I did and I was tossing up Wesker Players of 8th and 7th rank later that night.


actually, everybody has been through being the noob or what you call the “punching bag”, but as of now, where I have the ability to win, I actually give respect to newbies, give them a few victories, just because I RESPECT them.
In your case, where you lose and you get discouraged, you don’t have to be, Its all about experience, and PUSHING THE PACE