SSF4AE modding costumes

Hi. I have SSFIVAE for PC and I’ve followed a video-tutorial which tells you how to convert SF4 costumes to the new game. It’s working for me. I just have to open the emz file and open it up in Piece Montee SF4 explorer and there convert the files. So you end up with two files (a emb and a emm) which you must place in the corresponding subfolder in the dlc folder. You can change the number in the files so that the skin correspond with the number of a color. However, there are some emz files which are different and have more content. I suppose they have models apart from skins. I don’t know how to convert these or how to make them work. I’ve also downloaded files already converted to SSFIVAE, and again, the emb + emm are easy to set up, but how can I include models? Maybe this is not possible in the dlc folder? Also, what are all the files in the dlc folder for? Are they supposed to be official skins and models? I don’t seen anything in the game apart from the colors and the new skins I add. The added files are like CMY_01_02.obj.emm and CMY_01_02.col.emb, whilest the files already in the folder are like CMY_04_01.col.emb and othe files that I don’t know what they are. Can someone please explain or tell me where can I read a faq or find info about this? Thanx.

Costume files (model):
(XXX_0Y.cos.emz in Vanilla SF4)

Color files (texture):
(XXX_0Y_0Z.col.emz in Vanilla SF4)

XXX: character name
Y: costume number
Z: color number

So CMY_04_01.col.emb is a file from Cammy’s 4th costume 1st color (official dlc costume).

Costumes #1 to #3 for SF4 characters + costumes #1 and #2 for SSF4 characters are in:

Costume #4 for SF4 characters + costume #3 for SSF4 characters are in:

Costume #1 colors 1 & 2 for AE characters are in:

Costume #1 colors 3 to 10 + costumes #2 and #3 for AE characters are in:

Some costumes from Vanilla SF4 containing bigger textures dds may have an issue with sf4explorer when you want to “raw dump” what’s inside (some files may be cut too short) you’ll have to compare with the original files and add what’s missing at the end. I had the problem with this Sakura skin: Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

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