(SSF4AE/MvC3) GameClucks Monthly: Sept 10th 2011


***The GameClucks SSF4/MvC3 Schedule will be the 2nd Saturday of the month as much as possible (prob 10 out of 12 months). ***

Date: Sept 10th 2011

Games: SSF4 1v1 and 3v3, MvC3 1v1, BB 1v1, GG 1v1

Time: Doors open at 11am

Schedule: - Sign In’s CLOSE 15 mins before “start” time
Sign In starts at NOON
SSF4 Starts at 1PM (not 1:30, not even 1:10)
MvC3 Starts at 4PM
We are going to get back on a real schedule. I talked with Hyre and Dugg and we agreed on the above.

Venue: GameClucks - 18717 76th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036

Equipment: We have access to 8 Xbox 360s and 12 TVs.
We have 1 SSF4AE and 1 MvC3 disks at this time, so bring Disks!!

Entry Fees:
*Venue: *$5 (For Players and Casuals - True Spectators are Free)
Events: $10 for 1v1’s, $5 each ($15 per Team) for 3v3
In the case that Slash comes up for Live Stream, $1 of the Venue Fee will be donated to him to help cover Gas/Expenses.

1v1: 55%, 30%, 10%, 5%
3v3: 60%, 30%, 10%


Do the teams have to pay the venue fee if the members have paid for the single tourney?


i wish i could make it out damn it, i want a tournament but i gota go watch the huskies get the shit kicked out of them.


woop, hope I can make it out!

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=47.617608,-122.190885


BotPM and I will be there early. We’re both bringing disks and hard drives. We could use more so we don’t have to deal with which Marvel setup is patched or not, again. Looking forward to being bodied in everything. See you there ^^;;


SSF4AE Bracket:http://gameclucks.challonge.com/gcssf4ae091011

MvC3 Bracket:http://gameclucks.challonge.com/gcmvc3091011


GGs you guys. Good shit to Cam and Bitq for taking 1st and 2nd in Marvel and Cole and Riki-Oh for some hype matches in street fighter.

Shout outs to Dave O and Armand. I acted a complete ass after I lost to you guys and I apologize. I shouldn’t have gotten that mad lol.


Yeah, thanks for the games.


Is there somewhere I can watch the recordings of my matches?


Working on that right now. Been having a slight case of everything going wrong ^^;;

Edit: Alright, both events are up. No winners finals for either.
SSF4 AE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL137D9D54565BCB76
MvC3: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5FACC674E4C2EBA