ssf4AE, MvC3, mk9 Tournament@Auburn,WA Gamebreakerz LAN center

Hello everybody, so I recently spoke with one of the employees at a local lan center about organizing and hosting and organizing a tournament with AE as the main focus but they ae pretty open to having tournaments for other tournaments, but they’re main concern is commited participants for these tournaments, so what I would like to do is have a survey here on srk to see how many players,would be willing to come down for a tournament here in the auburn area, and for those who have no clue where that is, I will post their address here on the thread. But its near Tacoma.

Okay guys here’s the address: 4111 A Street SE Auburn, WA 98002
Yes it will be quite a drive for the people north of Seattle but it would be great to see some of you guys come out but I really want local players to come out if they are unable to participate in the great tourneys up north so here’s a chance to get a tourney closer to us, because I definitely wish I had the time and gas to head up north xD. But like I said here’s an opportunity for the south to have a tourney that’s a little closer to home. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to their site:
and here’s a link to their Facebook:

If you have any questions or concerns reply to this thread please or on their Facebook.

Any upcoming projected dates?
I would recommend not conflicting with other ongoing tournament schedules.
If you want people to commit to coming we need details.
Structure, buy-ins, venue fees?, payouts, raffle?, other to increase interest.

Like the location, can’t commit till I know days and times though.

Aha okay thank you and I understand, but they havent givin me a specific date because they first wanna know how many possible participants there would if the date would be good for the community of players and same goes for the other concerns such as payouts, entry fees,etc. But for an example last week friday they hosted a league of legends 3v3 tournament and there were 6 teams and the pot was $100 and the payout was for 1st & 2nd place which was 55%-45% but he told me that entry fee and payout ratio depends completely on the type of game and mainly amount of entries which is why I created this thread mainly as a survey and promotional thread. Which is why I created a poll xD.

That’s a catch 22 sir. You will never know how many people will come out until you have date, time and details.
What were the venue fees for the LOL tourney?

i’ve talked to them about this… jsut have to set up a date… and see if ppl well come out… im pretty sure… if the pay out is good… ppl well show up Joki… and i think they said it might be like $10 per person… so they can get $5 for the shop… and i think that should be fine too…

the tournament entry for the LoL tourney was 7 per person so $21 per team if i remember correctly although my memory is kinda shaky haha, but i understand what you mean spammer and yah he did mention something about it being around that but when I spoke to him he was pretty vague about it but $10 per person does sound like a price they would settle with but I will talk to them again on their Facebook. and Thank you unlimited for the help :slight_smile:

im glad someone else is putting an effort into organizing a touney at GameBreakerz. i asked them last summer when i took my ps3 in to get fixed and they said they are more drawn towards FPS so i didnt really think of a place like this to pull people together, but yea, i live right over 167 in Milton so if you need any help with organization let me know

Alright guys it seems that they’ve gone a head and assembled a tournament so here’s a link I hope everyone can make it.

P.S: I just learned of this today so i’m not sure if this meets you’re guy’s expectation. But this could very well be the start of something good. :slight_smile: