SSF4AE online lag : PC versus XBOX360

Well it’s been a week since I’m playing the PC version of SSF4AE online. After some configurations issues (, the versus have no lag (98% of all match) at all.

Today I’ve switched back to XBOX360, and damn, the inputs seem all to come like 2 or 3 frames after that I pushed the button (that’s what I can see). I only played with green bars and same country (France in my case)

I would like to understand how the online lag may work on PC versus XBOX360. Svensson talked on an interview that the netcode of the XBOX360 version was the same on PC

So Why should I get this kind of constant lag (few frames)on XBOX but not on PC ?

For information, I have an optical fiber connexion 100Mb, PC and XBOX360 wired connected, but NOT at the same time of course :D.

The router ports for XBOX360 are opened
[]Port 88 (UDP)
]Port 3074 (UDP & TCP)
[]Port 53 (UDP & TCP)
]Port 80 (TCP)
and it goes the same on PC
[]TCP port 80.
]UDP and TCP port 3074.
[]UDP port 88
]UDP and TCP port 53
[*]TCP port 443
When I play offline on both platform, there are no differences about the inputs, well, 1 frame combos come smoothly.

So the lag on XBOX360 comes from my connexion type, tv screen (Samsung LE40A676 with HDMI connexion in 1080p), or from the xboxlive servers ?

Thanks for the help ^^

It is supposed to be the TV screen I guess, but are you sure that it is perfect offline?

Well I can’t prove it but I’m sure that the inputs are clean offline and have some delay online with the tv screen.

Maybe there is a way to compare. I’ll play the PC version connected on the Tv screen (VGA Cable) and see if there is any differences.

For me, the best link to confirm if there is lag or not is Fei’s st.HP after an ex Chicken wing. Try doing some 1f links!

You’re doing it right. First, exclude the hardware issues.

Best way is to connect your xbox to your PC monitor and test.
If not, then connect PC to TV and test. Results should be roughly the same as XBOX to TV.

I can tell you that your TV has some inherent lag in it without saying much more than the above.
I’m wildly guessing that AE PC will be the same in terms of timing like vanilla PC was.

I played SF4 and now SSF4 AE on the PC and the Xbox on the exact same monitor.
And still the PC version has always been so much better online.

It’s just that PC’s are better at processing network information or rather the netcode.
Different machines will handle different codes better or worse, just like how the same game runs even worse on the PS3.

So I’ve modified something in my internet setup for XBOX360. From the beginning I used a LAN Hub to connect 3 consoles (2XBOX, PS3) and the cable length was 1,5m from the console to the hub, then 15m from the hub to the router. I switched the cable from the router directly to the console, and the game was less laggy. So I’ve tried all these setups and put these observation after playing online in same country (France) with green bars :

XBOX 360 - TV Screen (Samsung LE40A676) -> visually, there is some lag from the moment when I push the button and when the motion arrives

XBOX 360 - PC monitor (LGW2261VP) -> Same observation as the TV Screen online

PC - (laptop) -> Visually, the same inputs delay online as I’m playing offline, the game seems to run more smoothly

PC - TV Screen -> same thing observed above

Here is why I suspect the game to have more lag online on XBOX360 :

With Makoto (my main) against a stun character I want to input :

First inputs : Stand Jump HK + Ultra 1 (2x qcf PPP) o_O (simple right ?)

On XBOX360 online , 3/4 times I have on the screen Stand Jump HK followed by EX dragon (EX fukiage) that whiff (welcome hard punishment) and offline it does the correct input. On PC online, no problem at all

Second inputs :

dash dash qcb MP+HP (Oroshi EX)

On XBOX360 online , 3/4 times I also have on the screen EX fukiage and offline it does the right input. On PC online, no problem at all.

Then I’m wondering, like KeKz said above, if the network information with the PC is better than XBOX360, and can explain the problem ? And what do you think about the download/upload data transfered between XBOX live servers and PC servers ? Is there a big difference regarding the ping ?

Have you improved the net code for the PC release of SSF4 AE? — Jin

Svensson: I believe the netcode is largely the same. There’s some extra care around the match making and a few tweaks to match people with appropriate benchmark machines but not wildly different from the console.

Also, more people have their PCs connected via wired connections via wireless than would be the case on consoles, which can often improve latencies 20 - 30ms by itself in addition to fewer dropped packets (which can really muck up your experience), all other things being equal."

It is all there, PC users tend to have better hardware bro, better routers, better network cards and most of the time bigger bandwith connections via ethernet not wireless crap.

How about you actually read what he said? He uses the same network connection for both his X360 and PC.

Daiisuki, I’d say it’s just PC being what it is. If you manage to find a good opponent with a high-end PC and cable net, that’s set up properly, it can’t get any better than that, imho…Europe’s having some damn decent internet speeds/coverage, so it’s not a bad idea for AE PC, unlike the situation in US.

Thanks for all your comments and help. I’ve tried again to play on XBOX live and the lag is pretty much “viewable” compared to PC online. I’ll try to record a video with XBOX and PC in 60fps to show you the main lag issue ^^

We can try it out, I’m french and have the game on 360 and pc.

I’d like to know why this is the case as well if you have the same network connections etc…
on PC u have digital or disc? Shouldnt matter but I am curious.

I’m digging up this thread because I’ve been back to XBOX live recently. Well since I’ve observed previously some lag on XBOX live compared to the PC live that was far better, I’ve modified my router parameters and now the online on xbox 360 became better, but PC live stays better IMO.

After opening all TCP and UDP ports, I’ve also created a DMZ exclusively to the XBOX360 IP and redirected the Internet flux to the MAC address of my XBOX360 (DHCP paramaters). Everything is in wired connection with an optical fiber 100Mbps connexion.

I hope this information would help some one that have similar lag issues :wink:

I have the Disc version of SSF4AE PC :wink:

Can elaborate on “redirected the Internet flux to the MAC address of my XBOX…” part?

I used to play on Xbox only, but the PC version really is superior. It’s faster, the loading time isn’t that long compared to the Xbox version and the online seems also a little bit better.
The only problem is, that there aren’t many good players on PC, just had 20 games winstreak against 6000-10000 BP guys.
(I know that points don’t mean anything, but when they have that many points, they usually know what they are doing with their character)

Well maybe if more people took the attitude (that people are slowly getting) that PC is actually superior for street fighter over 360 then there will be more higher level competition on PC
Not to mention you can stream from PC without having a capture card so it will make it a lot easier for people playing PC to setup casual streams like peaceful jay or even their own person stream like the Starcraft 2 Community.

Yea thats what Marn does with his personal stream, PC really is the best all around for options and custom hi-res mods too.