SSF4AE PC and a pretty bad internet connection


Well, all in all, I am in italy right now and the internet here is horrendous , when I play sf I mostly get people with 1-2 or even 0 bars , so it’s not ideal , adding to my lack of experience , some lag will throw off my already bad execution even more , can I , in some way get a better ping? I do close useless things like my browser and skype , but that doesn’t seem to help much , also it becomes way worse when my family starts using the modem as well.

LE: Also , do you guys think that in ultra with steam hosting the servers , will the pings be better?


You live in Italy, not really much you can do besides making sure your PC can get over 60 FPS easily and making sure everyone stays off the internet. Also make sure you are not playing through a wireless connection. The PC version has the best netcode between all 3 versions, i don’t think steam works intergration is going to save you. IF you upgrade your internet then you’ll at least have a better experience, that’s the only thing i can think that will help you for sure. If you’re not in some parts of Asia, America, or Japan it’s just really hard to find people to fight against. ( i’m in America) I hate fighting people from Europe that’s why they’re region is blocked for me, what’s the point?(becomes a lag fest)


Yeah, it’s also true that there’s not that many ppl playing either , I can get a decent conenction when I play against ppl from spain , italy ( dòh ), france , sometimes the uk and germany . Upgrading my internet is not really an option though , I have a 7mbps connection , if I were to upgrade it to 10 I would quite a bit more , not worth it imo. Oh well , thanks anyways.


A 7 mbps connection is just as good as a 10 mbps connection.

Bandwidth doesnt matter its the latency that matters.

Play people in Italy only, open port forwarding, disable other programs etc… Other than moving
house theres not a lot you can do.


Theres practically no italian people playing this game , it’s very rare that I see one ,as for programs , I close most of them , I won’t close the antivirus or other things that do not use my bandwidth cuz I have a pretty good pc so the framerare is not a problem, I don’t really know what port forwarding is or how it affects the protections of my pc , I would rather not try unsafe stuff.


It’s just opening up some connections through your router so that people can connect to you easier.

You set up a static IP, then you open the ports.

As long as you’re opening specific ports you shouldn’t be under any risk.

You kind of have to forward your ports, or you’ll have a crap connection with everyone else.

The shame is, like locking framerate to 60 FPS via external vsync- a lot of randoms just playing the game don’t know all of this, so they have less-than-ideal PC settings (leading to slowdown), or closed NAT (meaning less players).


Don’t search for ranked games. Host the games and you can play all day long. There are enough players in Europe on PC and from Italy too.


I’m going to look into that port forwarding thing , I don’t yet know how to do it but a couple of searches on google / yt shall do the trick , thank you . As for fps , I don’t really think that matters much , the ingame test showed the game was running at ~400 frames or smth like that.
I’m not even playing ranked :slight_smile: , I’m too bad for that.