SSF4AE PC Colors 11 and 12 issue

So according to most sources, if you have save data from SF4 present on your hard drive then each character should automatically have the 11th and 12th color unlocked. While this may seem to work for consoles, I’ve seen no such thing happening on the PC version. What I do get is all 12 colors automatically unlocked for Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni, but nobody else.

Both of my copies of SF4 and SSF4AE were purchased through Steam, though SF4 stores the saves in the same folder regardless of where you obtained it. I don’t know if SSF4AE isn’t finding my old SF4 save data, or if this just happens to everyone on PC. Any ideas?

It’s a glitch or something. People have been talking about it on the Capcom unity forums.