SSF4AE PC Framedrops even in Trainingroom


Hi… I have a really bad fps drop problem. Every 10-30sec in a similar intervals the fps drop down real low and you can’t do anything.
I can’t find the cause. I updated Windows 7 and it seemed to fix it… but several weeks later it’s much worse. The game is unplayable for now.

Intel E8400 C2D 3ghz
4gb ram
Geforce 460gtx

120fps on the ingamebenchmark.


Drivers up to date?


This is pretty hard to diagnose over the net.

The most likely causes are overheating (either because of overclocking or a dying fan) or bad drivers. It could also be something you’re running in the background causing problems, but that’s pretty extreme.

A couple of years ago I was living in an old house that had lots of noise over the power lines. My old power supply didn’t like that and I would get frame drops in every game I played, including AE. To fix it, I had to buy a new power supply, but in the mean time I used a device I had lying around that removed noise over power, which fixed the problem.