SSF4AE: PC leadboards hacked :(

There is a player named STANLEYMING who has 999748 PP and 8888872 BP as Juri (the game also says his main character is Cody which he only has 5408 BP.

Sigh, I knew it was only a matter of time. How bad is the leaderboard boosting on xbox/ps3? I’m sure its not quite AS blatant but I’m just as sure it is still an issue.

there’s a little boosting going on the xbob leaderboards, but it’s fairly obvious who is and isn’t. no outright hacking though.

Let’s hope capcom does something against it this time. i want my e-peen back!

Sorry Chris, Capcom is siding with Bob Barker on this one. Even if they do fix it, you wont get your e-peen back.

Yes, sadly, and I’m really worried about it.
Vanilla was hacked to hell because of the example of a Guild who used non-SSA keys to hack the leaderboards of every GFWL game. This luckily hasn’t happened to AE, thanks to the SSA keys.
They didn’t play the game, they just hacked through it.
But this time is a player who actually plays the game that did it (and he bought the game/key for ~20$), and he won’t have any advantage from it.
And I’m really worried, because I’m afraid this will be the spark that will convince other players to do the same (like in vanilla the spark was that Guild), and the leaderboards will be dead in no time.
Which will also mean we won’t see pro players (like Marn) on the PC version again, and this is sad. :frowning:
In the meantime, send a PM to STANLEYMING and ask him to bring his points to an acceptable level. No hatemails, just polite PM to ask him not to ruin the leaderboards, for his own advantage (if he bought the game he wants to play it, and if people drop the game he won’t have people to play with).
If enough people will ask politely he will probably step down, so at least the spark will be removed for the moment.

The worse thing is this idiot lose points to some specific players, screwing up the leaderboard.

Uh oh, looks like someone stole someones E-peen.

Never understood why people care about leaderboards and rankings its meaningless and its been meaningless since the late 90’s. People boost, hack, crack, cheat, whatever and it doesn’t even do its job. #1 on leaderboards means nothing. Example? Alex Valle, Banana Ken, and Marn are top players online on PC who are basically free at the tourney scene.

If you play online its because you have no real friends to play with in person. Online is for fun and if it means anything more you need help. And if you get mad or think you are better or it means something, go out and show your skill and join a major and rank up, get sponsored, instead of bragging on a forum about your said talent. It’s just a game… don’t lose focus on that.

It’s just a game, but people put effort in it, and they get angry when that effort is wasted.

Their effort is not wasted now is it? Everyone knows who is hacking and who isn’t. Kind of stupid to be whining about something that won’t get fixed anyway. This shit has been going on since vanilla.


Looks like the number of people utilizing whatever exploit / hack makes this possible has jumped in the last few days. Used to only be stanleyming now there is like 7 people doing it :frowning:

I had to read that twice too. I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion?

They better fix this shit in the new patch

“” is a cheater, I played him a few games, he’s at most like 1k pp level, definitely not 5k…

It’s entirely possible that he got those points legitimately. He could have just beaten a bunch of lower level players, not boost his points. Besides, your point total doesn’t necessarily show how good or bad you are at the game so i don’t understand how you can say someone is at a certain PP level and not another, it’s kind of arbitrary.

If you’re at ~ 5000 PP without cheating or boosting, you’re no joke, online or not.

Sven said they are looking into this.

Shit I hope they do something in the Rebalance Patch to fix this god damn hackers. hella piss me off

For now, it is very difficult to get pass 4k in North America, you basically need countless winning streaks to get there. You can easily lose 100pts by losing just 1 match, because most people are lower than 3k… When I played him (I am 3.5k pp range), I beat him twice in a row easily. I am confident enough to say he is not as good as the 3k and probably 2k people. Yes, someone must be good if he is unbeatable, online or not.