SSF4AE PC online points storage

So i was wondering is the info about your bp and pp stored on your pc locally, similar to how it was in vanilla SF4? I really hope they fix this issue, but i haven’t got a copy yet to see for myself. Please answer.

Who cares?

Very sure it’s stored locally, associated with your profile somewhere.

So this means it’s gonna get hacked to shit, just like Vanilla was… lots of fun.

I have actually created new accounts on PSN specifically so that I can learn different characters against lower ranked players. Being able to reset BP and PP in the PC version would be pretty handy for this purpose. Does anyone know where Arcade Edition’s data is stored?


i think this is it.

Alright. I deleted that directory and when I started the game up it asked me to create a new save. However, when I went online and tried a ranked match, my BP and PP were still the same. Oh well…

Just lose some matches and you will lose your PP pretty fast… :smiley:

PP and BP are stored online, thanks god.