SSF4AE PC refuses to launch without DVD


So before the patch release, I played perfectly on SSF4AE PC without the use of the DVD to launch the game after install.

Now That I’ve downloaded the patch, I start the game as usual, then all the sponsors screens appears, introduction video then I’m connected with my GFWL account, and when the message (checking for downloadable content…) appears, the game crashes and return to windows main window.

Now if I start the game with the DVD, it runs perfectly.

Is there somebody that can explain this kind of crash ?

Thans ^^

Capcom Unity’s PC issues thread is probably better for this.

Try downloaded and install last version gfwl…

I have tried to reinstall GFWL on the last update, but it is still the same thing. So from now I have to launch the game via the DVD launcher. When I quit the game, I have the same message that crash the game.

Damn updates that fix bugs and creat others >_< !!!

Is there anyway to understand this kind of crash ?