SSF4AE PC Restore missing lighting effects!

No problem, I would have felt like a huge ass keeping this to myself!

See this thread on Uniity

This post or this post in particular

Nice catch, I’ll try this when I get off from work.

See image below to see how the fix was made.

To do this manually you just need to do the above to all the .light.emb files in the game.

The .light.emb files are located at…

*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/AGL/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/BLK/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/BLR/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/BOS/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/CHB/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/CNL/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/DAN/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/DJY/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/DSM/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/FLN/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/GEN/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/GKI/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/GKN/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/GUL/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/GUY/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/IBK/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/JRI/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/KEN/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/RIC/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/ROS/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/RYU/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/SGT/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/SKR/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/VEG/
*install directory*/resource/battle/chara/ZGF/


*install directory*/dlc/03_character_free\battle\chara/GKX
*install directory*/dlc/03_character_free\battle\chara/RYX
*install directory*/dlc/03_character_free\battle\chara/YAN
*install directory*/dlc/03_character_free\battle\chara/YUN

Will add this info to the OP!

I also found a great video for comparing the differences so changed the video in the OP to the better one.


I know I am the OP so I may be seen as biased towards it…
But do others also think this thread should probably be stickied to maximise its exposure to PC SSF4AE players?

Im glad you posted it up, I spread it to the Skin thread after I seen it on the PC bug thread, now everyone can see the light!

I just discovered this, anyone want to see if this file should be fixed too and if so find what it fixes?

I am thinking from the path name it may fix lighting from background objects?

Here is a link to the download with this file I found added as well.
If anyone manages to find anything it changes I will edit the OP to make this download the default one.

This combined with your arcade sound(blocks and fireballs) fix makes PC even better.

If everone doesnt know about that, I recommend it as well.

@Samus, good guess with the background objects, either that or block/hit animations if they have any small lighting effects to them, could even be something like the way fireballs reflect off the ground or collide with each other.

I am gonna go ahead and make the new download the default one.

I think its better to be to careful :wink:

Some SF4 - AE un-fixed comparison shots :wink:


PC AE Pre-Fix



PC AE Pre-Fix


PC AE Pre-Fix

PC AE Pre-Fix

PC AE Post-Fix


Got a reply about the PC version lack of lighting issue from Sven at Capcom Uniity.


Hopefully we will see an official fix in an upcoming patch

Thumbs up! :tup:

Got another reply from Sven about the lighting issue…


Great news:rock:

As a fellow AE PC player, I must say you have done a magnificent job on finding this.

“Top Shelf… Magnificent.”

Thank you very much for this .RAR :slight_smile:

I dont understand why all the characters dont have light.emb files? Also is there any performance hit (online)once the computer has to render these effects?

Only the characters that have energy or projectile based attacks have .light.emb files.

In regards to the performance hit the patch has, I have no performance issues online after applying the patch.

Just got some news regarding the lighting issue…


I am guessing PC update 3 will only be the official fix to the lighting issue and other issues have mostly been ignored and MIGHT come later. (Judging from the wording on Sven and Derek’s posts)

Heh, surprised it took so long, but nice to see it’s finally looking to get addressed, in the meantime I’ll be sticking to your files!

Question, if I applied the files provided here, whenever the official udate goes live, can that mess up my game data or it doesn’t matter? I am not sure how this will work but I am guessing the official patch will overwrite the manual changes that I already performed (pasting the lighting files in the game folder), or should we uninstall those files in preparation for the official patch or it doesn’t matter?

This patch won’t mess your game up when the update goes live.
The game will likely ignore the .emz files totally after the patch release
The patch will almost 100% certainly make it so the game looks for .emb files instead of the .emz files the patch provides.
After applying the fix it SHOULD be as easy as deleting the .emz files this patch includes and play as normal.