SSF4AE: PC Steam version DLC costumes now available

I wouldn’t have said anything normally but it sure took long enough. Original date was I think the 23rd but due to some circumstances that were never revealed it got pushed back till now. But yeah, if you got the steam version you can pick up the costumes now.

Me? I kind of want to, but at the same time I don’t. Mainly because I never want to be forced to see Blanka’s quetzalcoatl costume. Not only is it ugly as sin but it is SO large that it is very confusing to judge your moves correctly.

Most of the best looking ones are for characters I don’t play, but I’ll grab it anyway.

Just swap the blanka alt3 with whatever costume. Problem solved!

OK that’s strange, the full set of alt costume packs aren’t showing up on the Steam store for me now, they were there earlier when I checked at work for £10.99 and although I can still search for it, the result is unclickable and has no price any more :S

Should anyone else be having a similar issue, you can purchase the full set here: