SSF4AE PC, Too much lag to play since transition to steamworks


Did anyone else notice a huge change after ssf4ae went from GFWL to Steam works servers?. the lag is so bad even the music in the background in slower? i have a pretty beastly pc so im sure its not that and it only happened the days after they switched to steamworks servers. the game is now unplayable on pc online…


Yes, we’ve noticed. The game hitches and drops frames quite often, as well as some sound issues.


Capcom whyyyyyyyy


Any word on a fix? I just played a load of matches in my regions quiet time to see if the lag would ease up but it was just as bad. Pretty unplayable at the moment for a lot of matches even with Green Bars.


I just registered so I could comment on how godawful this is. I used to get matches within thirty seconds of making, and there were plenty of people in search, laggy matches were really rare. Now I have to wait upwards of ten minutes in a lobby just to get matched up with someone nowhere near my rank, and it’s just an unplayable mess. It’s strange too, because before with GFWL it was matching me with players in the US, while I’m in Canada. Now it’s matching me with people in my own country and it’s somehow worse. Sucks, because the entire reason I started playing on PC was because online was unplayable on my PS3.


yea this is really annoying and unbearable. i really hope steam and capcom work this out ASAP.