SSF4AE PC Tournament : MadDogz Tournament Europe #1


Me and MDZ emptysys are hosting one of these once again after a long time.
In hope for more participation we’re posting this also here on SRK.

  • Everyone from EUROPE on PC is allowed to participate
  • We will probably be changing formats from time to time, the brackets for this one will be Double Elimination though!
  • These schedules will be posted on different sites to ensure higher numbers of participants
  • As usual, matches will be streamed: you can check out the stream HERE
  • Streamer will be: Kampfkeks667
  • These tournaments are just for fun,so don’t feel less confident about your skill levels!
  • Matches will (probably) be commentated by our good 'ole comrades C7 & Matt!
  • Tournament will be hosted on Challonge again! If you haven’t got a Challonge account, you can create one right HERE!
  • Try to assure that your NAT-Type in SSF4 is set to Open before entering the tournament
  • NOTE: The Main Chatplatform we will be using will be the stream chat of twitch
  • So make sure to get a twitch account if you don’t have one (Twitch)
  • You can also let friends of you answer the rollcall on streamchat
  • If there are any problems with reporting results or anything within the tournament you can contact me on the stream chat. (emptysys)



This Tournament will be hosted on Saturday the 15th of March
Will start at 6:00PM GMT+1
Rollcalls (On streamchat) will start from 5:00PM GMT+1 to 6:00PM GMT+1 to check whos there and missing.
If Rollcalls have not been answered until tournament start, missing players will be kicked out.

This is the link to the Brackets (We’re not taking responsibility for any bad puns made):
Note: Brackets will most likely be shuffled shortly before tournament begin.


Regular Tournament Settings
Best of 3 Matches
Best of 3 Rounds
Winners-Bracket Finals, Losers-Bracket Finals and Grand Finals will be Best of 5 Matches (Best of 3 Rounds)
Disconnects/Desyncs will result in a loss for that round (opponent will be able to chose if they want to take the round or not or just rematch)
Counterpicking Rules:
Changing Ultra: allowed at any times
Changing characters : only after you lost a match


Hey - just a note to say me and a friend (both from Leeds, UK) want to enter this but we’ll be sharing a PC so will have to wait for each other’s matches to finish depending on how things play out. Hope that’s okay? if not just let me know.




Damn, that’s the exact same date and hour like another european online tournament. If it was 1 or 2 hours later or earlier, I could join this.


@‌ Angerus
Yeah i just heard from a friend recently that we picked the exact same date as the No Sound Gaming guys, sorry for that.

@‌ alistarr
yes that should be fine, but make sure your friend registers as a seperate player on challonge


GGs to everyone.
Apologies if I some viewers fell asleep due to my lame play and time overs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, thanks for organising this - was a lot of fun.


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sorry for bumping