SSF4AE PC Tweaks for better FPS?

I’m not sure if this thread has been made before, but none the less here it is(again…maybe). Does anyone out there know any ways to tweak SSF4 to improve FPS? Only one I know is to go into: My Docs/ Capcom/ Super Street Fighter Blah Blah Blah and open the “config.ini” file and turn RenderingThread=ON to RenderingThread=OFF it’s not a drastic change in the FPS but I definitely notice smoother play. Any other tips are greatly appreciated.

Turning your video setting down will improve your FSP or at least smooth out game play,

Go to each setting, turning down such options such as details, Anti-alising, resolution and so on, down an notch and see what improves.
As each computer build is different the visual tweaks you need to do changes. Generally the less work your video card has to do, the better your FPS is.
And all thats just with in SSF4AE. Nvidia and AMD (formerly ATI) cards has additional tweaks in their own software