Ssf4ae pc version on steam 50% off untill 23 july


go buy it ok


I’d recommend waiting for a daily deal, it might drop to 75%, if they don’t do a daily deal on SSF4 AE buy it the last day (23rd)

10 euros = 12 dollars

this type of bargain was available for months now…


Is it Arcade Edition 2012?




Any experiences with that site? Most “key” sites are shady to say the least.


It’s legit, gives you the key + download manager so it will automatically download and install the game.


I bought my key there 3 days ago. Cost me 13.4 dollars with paypal fee. You recieve your key and a direct download link in 1 minute in your email. Very good site to buy games.

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besides me, i know like 5 people who bought keys for AE and SFxT from that site. no problems so far!

i didn’t use their download manager, i installed the torrent version (without the crack) and used the CDKEY with that when going online