[SSF4AE] This game kills me

What am i doing wrong? When I play online I always get hit by uppercuts and other random bullshit, even when playing with actually patient, high ranked players, I get them down to like 5% hp or something and then all hell breaks loose and he fucks me up. I’ve honestly lost like 50 games straight and i’m saltier than the Dead Sea.

No bad words in the thread title.

Go in training mode and stop playing online till you learn all your motions, bnb’s, fadc combos etc. 100%
Anti air every jump in.
Punish every unsafe move. Hard.
Play an easier character.
Learn to tech uppercut/throw.

That sounds like lag issues. I’ve lost matches due to delays online.

Oh. Sorry 'bout the title
I know how to anti-air
Really don’t know about combos though I have managed to get all trials with Rose, which I main.
Punishing might be the issue. Its pretty hard for me somehow and having a 3-bar doesn’t help.
I really don’t want to change from Rose. I really like her pokes and that “all-so-cheap” Ultra 2
I use mostly use that crouching option select for teching throws. So that ain’t the problem.

Are you sure you know how to anti air? Especially with Rose who doesnt exactly have a DP and has to rely on different normals/specials for different moves at different ranges.
Check the Rose forums for her combos from certain distances/on certain moves. I know she can do cr.mp to drill for a quick short punish and shes got harder combos too. Learning your links off of a short or a jab or w/e will help as well.
Ultra 2 really isnt too good in AE, but I understand character loyalty…
Yeah, if you’re using the crouching option select right then you should tech a throw and block a DP. If they’re at 5% life and you’re not you really shouldnt be getting hit.

Watch some of Season 4 of Excellent Adventures. Gootecks’ Rose has gotten pretty bitchin’ Compare how much you go in or sit back. If you’re taking them to 5 percent there’s no reason to attack them. Use the life lead as an advantage, fireball when you can be reasonably safe and either let them get timed out or be ready to antiair them.

i’ve been trying to use her cr.fierce as a main anti air, but if it wiffs I eat a combo. st.roundhouse is just too hard to use because of the range where the opponent has to be in. but if i notice that the opponent is jumping like a maniac, i use the soul throw.

also i noticed how much i panic when someone is putting pressure. i guess i need to learn patience.

I have. Actually hes rose is the main reason why i use her :smiley: and ofcourse louffy.

Both of Rose’s ultras work as anti airs. Even Soul Spark is the anti air you want at certain distances. EX Soul Spiral and Soul Throw, maybe. I’m not a Rose player, you should really check out her boards.