SSF4AE Tournament at FFA (1/8/11) - Granada Hills, CA

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament at Family Fun Arcade!

10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Sorry for the really late notice guys, but its been tough for me to work out the details considering everything that’s been going on.


7PM is when it starts, sign-ups will be before 7PM.
We will also be having MvC2 and TvC tournaments at roughly the same time.


Double Elimination bracket.
2/3 rounds per match.
2/3 matches per game.
No characters are banned.
Winner of the previous match must keep same character, but can switch his Ultra.
Loser of previous match may change his character.
Double blind character selection available on request.
If you come with a friend, let me know so I can try and split you up. Based on how people win or lose, I cannot guarantee that you won’t play each other later, but I can at least prevent you from playing each other in the first game.

The sticks are both Japanese and American, players are able to choose based on their preference.


$7 to enter (all of it goes to the pot)
50c pay per play. You have to put quarters in on each game played.

Pot split will be 75%/25% (for <10 players), 70/20/10 (for <42 players), 65/20/10/5 (for more).

I swear I’ll be more organized and give more details in the future :sweat: