SSF4AE - Trying to Get Started


After keeping an eye on SSF4 and AE over the past while I ended up getting interested enough to try it out, but this type of fighter is definitely a new ground for me (considering the only other two I played were Melty Blood Act Cadenza and Marvel vs Capcom 3). Having to work so hard just to connect a couple basic normals consistently is definitely a new experience to say the least, hehe!

Playing something slower and methodical like this has been pretty fun so far, but I need some suggestions to help me get going! Nothing too mundane as I did watch several of the tutorial videos posted on the forums here (thanks for the helpful resources, everyone!). I am trying to find a character to focus on to finally start practicing links properly and try to play better overall.

I picked out a few I am interested in, but always open to suggestions! What I am looking for is a solid character overall who is not too harsh on execution. This is what I toyed with so far:

Chun-Li: Seems pretty good! Quite like her normals, really not a fan of charge moves, though…

Rose: Okay normals, and I like how she plays, but she seems to have an enormous amount of trouble getting the opponent off of her. Really lacking one wake-up, too…

Juri: I like her specials, but her normals seem bad, also seems to do very little damage.

I also tried Ibuki and Makoto a little bit, but not enough to really say much. If any of my observations are wrong lemme know. I wanna try and get decent at this game, so your thoughts will certainly help get me started!

Thanks in advance, and sorry if topics like this are annoying at all.


well you could try c.viper she is a pretty good character here is a good overview


and these questions is what the saikyo dojo is for dont ever be afraid to ask.
more of a follow up try all the characters don’t restrict to just females :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, cannot help but be nervous about it is all. Used to sorting out these sorts of things myself, and do not want to be annoying. SSF4 is just so different from anything else I have tried.

I have been toying with more characters, too. Have not been doing anything too thorough as I ordered an arcade stick recently, so waiting for it to arrive before going too in-depth with anyone (do not want to learn things on the 360 pad, then have to immediately relearn them).

Viper… definitely a character I have interest in, just worried about the execution and her stamina issues. Really the only characters I have been ignoring now has been the various shotos and Bison. Not too big on grapplers, but they are good for a laugh (albeit Fuerte is so very fun to watch, play, and play against for me, so silly!) Out of the males, Balrog and Dudley caught my interest the most.

Main reason I want to make sure to pick a good all-around character is in previous games I had often ended up picking a weak one overall and it could get a bit frustrating when their short-comings would be a big issue time and time again. Not against learning others as alts, just need to settle on a main first!


i see i play on xbox as well you can add me same name on my XBL as this. next is this game well how mike ross put it its like checkers at first glance got your pieces and learn how your pieces go over the opponent to win. as you become a more experienced player the game develops into chess. in which your are prodding your opponent for weaknesses in his defenses and your building up momentum in a trap or mind game for checkmate.
we could do some matches just to see what your general ability is. currently i play on arcade stick but i am missing my breakaway cable to it buying a new i will use my regular xbox controller as well for equal footing.


and to add to your topic how about the newest sure oni and evil ryu are shotos but oni seems new and what of the twins yun and yang?


The Yun/Yang thing seems to be a polarizing topic right now (as far as I can tell). Of course, the <sarcasm>vast amount of time</sarcasm> the game has been available is helpful in the recent conversations taking palce


I thought about the twins briefly, but I doubt I will want to hop onto that bandwagon, hehe. Everyone’s developing ways to counter them these days, so their “reign of terror” may be brief (hopefully… am I the only one who finds the noise of them spamming their palm attack annoying?) I do not find Evil Ryu very interesting, myself. He just seems to be a mix fo Ryu and Akuma. Oni’s at least different with his huge array of normals, dunno if I like him or not.