SSF4AE Version 2012 Changes . Ryu Ed

Final Change Log Update

[LEFT]Metsu Shoryuken[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Extended hitbox upward in 3rd active frame.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Changed light/medium/heavy version damage from 60 to 70. Chip damage is the same as SSFIV AE, at 15.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Changed follow-up restrictions when a counter-hit is landed with the EX version so that follow-up is possible with any move.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Adjusted timing of trajectory break-point to be 3F behind the previous point when initiated with an angled forward jump.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Solar Plexus Strike[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Changed damage from 40 + 50 (90 total) to 40 + 60 (100 total).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Near Standing Heavy Kick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Equalized normal hit and counter-hit frame advantage.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Heavy Shoryuken[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Made this a 1-hit move. Set damage in 1st and 2nd active frames to 160, and in 3rd to 14th active frames to 60.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Made from start to 4th frame totally invincible. Made mid-air follow-up impossible.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Removed possibility for EX Focus Attack and super canceling.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Crouching Medium Kick[/LEFT]
Hit detection extended from 3F to 5F.

What does the air tatsu mean?

Does this mean we can we can now do air forward tatsu again for offensive purposes against seth, sagat, sim, or any fireball heavy characters?

Pretty sure that’s what it means. Hard to read their notes sometimes.

The counterhit changes are intereting.

Can be used as a good frametrap?..then the cr. Hk would be cool for more damage and pressure other than cr. Mp to
Oh well no rebuffed is this changelist final or is it still undergoing changes?

Interesting buffs, but is this enough for Daigo to go back to him? With changes like these it’s enough to bring him close to his former glory, right?

Seeing that Daigo uses Escape Tatsu and cr.MK very often, I doubt he is going back to Ryu. Unless they nerf Yun horribly, then maybe.

I think this is all pretty good. The SPS change is higher damage right? if so that’s cool. would be nice if came out a lil faster though

With the change to ex fireball–>U2, Ryu can theoretically hit confirm c.lp,close xx ex fb, U2

Yeah SP damage will now be 100, same as HP and HK.

It was 90 in AE, 120 in Super and Vanilla.

I personally think it was perfect the way it was in Super/Vanilla, solar plexus was a whiff punisher, people deserved to get 130 damage as a punish!

I can live with 100 damage.

With the U2 buff, did I read it right? ex fb fadc u2 will only work with full animation anywhere on screen or is it just on counter hit?

^ I was just wondering the same thing. It says “Can combo into U2 off counter-hit Shakunetsu Hadoken”. If I’m reading it properly, what that means is as long as it’s a CH it should result in full animation for U regardless of where you’re at on the screen.

It looks like they just used a plausible example, since any hit after the first absorbed hit off a FA will result in a counter-hit. I see this being really useful for corner pressure, and considering the vertical hitbox changes, U2 is actually shaping up to be useful finally. Probably still not enough to draw me away from sweet, sweet U1, but I always like a change of pace!

Buffs are nice, but doesn’t really change anything u1 is still better. His buffs are kind of similiar to the buffs he got in AE. Buffs on moves that aren’t used and will remain unused imo. At least he didn’t get nerfed so i’m happy, unless that tatsu change is a nerf, cause I don’t understand it at all.

St.hp is still the best punish move because of faster startup, more stun, and same dmg. At least we get 10 more dmg for using it to punish fa. It should do 120 imo it doesn’t make sense for it to do the same dmg as st.hp.

I read the japanese thing, said only works on counter hit. The question is, does that mean that other moves as well work as long as they are a counter hit? Maybe you can use it now in more CVS1ish situations then. DP shin shoryuken yadda yadda… Or maybe any jump mp then to shin shoryuken, not just the very anal only first hit etc to make it work.

Also since the mentioned that now sweep combos from ducking opponents off stand hk counter hit on everyone… maybe they changed the push back on it or something? Hopefully this means the very random combos like jump in/focus, to close stand hk, duck mp, duck hp, ~ to whatever are more realistic. And not as anal about only working on some characters/ducking/standing…

well solid i think solar plexus is still better then just using st.hp. solar plexus into cr.hp xx w/e you want is still better then just st.hp xx

Can’t wait to see the changes in action.

seens like capcom dont know their own game, Ryu already sweep crouching people after a counter hit cl.HK, trade or not. Actually he can do much better, like into sweep, or into dp into ultra.

Ryu is basically the same, will have the same problems against the same people, they just raised his damage potential in a few situations that wont solve Ryu’s problems. He already had a tool to scare people in midscreen when he had 3 bars. Its just a damage buff. It wont chance people’s behaviours against Ryu, or Ryu’s behaviour against his opponents.

The same happened to Viper, seens like this patch will just change damages and minor things, wont give new tools to deal with the situations the chars are struggling against.

why would a good ryu to use cl.HP instead of solar plexus for punishment in the current version? I never understood these comparisons between SP’s and cl.HP’s damages. I know you agree with me, but I dont understand why to even talk about it, its an obvious thing.

r.i.p. low forward. capcom says don’t use that button i dare you !

Ryu is still top class. No other character still has more versatility than Ryu in comboing into super and ultra. Add to the fact that Ryu still has some of the most powerful linking normals in the game! Whoopdey do, they didn’t give him back his active frames [or whatever] and maybe air tatsu back. So what, don’t let it define your game…GET A BETTER GROUND GAME; IE; FOOTWORK!

If CH EX FB allows Full U2, that could mean Capcom might’ve changed the juggle property on CH EX FB. It might work like Ken’s CH F. SRK now so you may be able to follow up with anything like a Sweep for UKD or other Normals for resets. I’m excited for you guys!

Well if you’re not going to link anything after the sps st.hp is your best option especially if you have to pull of a quick punish. Take Laugh for example he never punishes with sps anymore he just does st.hp dp every time for the easiest punish.