SSF4AE vs CvS2 Which is more techinical?


A friend and I were having a discussion and he said to ask the SRK forums so here I am.

Which game do you find more technical, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition or Capcom vs SNK 2, and why?

Not crapping on either game, I’m a big fan of both.


I think the links in CvS2 are much harder than SF4. Would be nice to have plinking in CvS2

also no vs threads


CVS2 is WAY more technical. And I’m pretty sure plinking was first discovered in CVS2.

It’s the only game that basically required you to roll-cancel every one of your moves.


The games are just completely different. SFIV’s execution is retarded easy though.


Everything of CvS2 is just plain better than the SF4 series.

Also, NO VS THREADS (read the rules)


Does it really matter?


Well it’s not really a game vs game comparison. Just wondering which system people find more technical.
SSF4AE with EX moves, FADC, and Ultra selections
CvS2 with Groove selects, Ratios and all the other fun stuff.

I find both have a very fulfilling advanced game.



sf4 technicality is pretty much a joke compared to most capcom fighters


Fixed that for you. trolololol.


There is no dispute, it is CvS2!


Please read the forum rules.

No “Vs” threads here. Save those for GameFAQs. They’re of little general value unless you lock it down to people who are going to break it down technically, and that’s not really viable. Instead any spammy answer is correct, which means that the signal to noise ratio sucks. :frowning: