SSF4AE Xbox 360 Ranked Matches: Almost none found?


I’m just wondering if this is just myself or everyone has this problem. I’m at around the 2200-2700 PP range and whenever I go search for more skilled in ranked matches online, I hardly ever find anyone no matter what time of day it is. A buddy of mine said there are tons of people playing that I shouldn’t have this problem but it happens almost all the time. Not sure if it’s my match settings or maybe my router, but I can barely find any games.

Anyone else have this problem or am I just singled out?

pretty uncommon for people to make games after >3000 because you inevitably end up dropping below 3,000 doing this (1pp, 1pp, 1pp, 15pp, 1pp, 1pp, 5pp, 15pp, 30pp, OH SHIT DUDE DIDN’T CHECK THAT PING -128 SON) that being said, there is usually one or two 3,000 - 4,000 players hosting games at some point, but SFxT is borrowing time from SFIV players at the moment. give it a week or so and people will be back. if you aren’t finding players around the 2200-2800pp range before SFxT dropped, i dunno though. i find some looking for games and they join mine all the time.

It might depend on where you live, but on the westcoast at 4k pp I can really only find a more skilled or same skilled match after 9:00 pm on a weekday. I usually just find 2 or 3 people in ranked and keep playing them.

Im approx 3k hosting on west coast. I sometimes have a hard time finding good matches or even any matches at all during certain times and durations and whatnot.