SSF4Players From 845 area NY

Hey im trying to find any players that are in or around the 845 area code mainly fishkill poughkeepsie that would want to organize a tournament? i found a store Play N Trade and they will provide games,tvs,xboxs…so i wanna do this but am trying to reach out to anyone in NY so hit me up at hopefully we can get a big tourney goin!

I couldn’t help organize it, but I would definitely go to this tourny.

You wouldn’t have to, im still seein how many ppl I can get I only got me, you, and possibly one or two more, they would hold it donate systems and tvs games, just seein if there are any body out there around here wanting to have one, so cool let me know if u can get any more ppl.

my cousin could possibly go if he is not busy

Okay cool deal, like I said theres no definitive date but Im trying to round up enough ppl to make this happen.

Im down for this. I’ll hit you up on email too.