Ryan Hart and a few of the Japanese have apparently been hinting their is a Version 2013 in the works.
Tweet from Ryan “Ok guys,what would you say if I said SSF4 AE 2013? The question is,do we need a re-balance or is 2012 ok?What would you change if you could?”

What would you say Juri/SF could use if 2013 came to light?


Sounds like debating more than hinting, but I’d rather move forward. AEv2013? I’d rather them focus on the next Street Fighter (which, since AE is “the last one of SFIV”, would be SFV).

Honestly, I’m going to ask for fixing hit boxes and making her combos less character specific, but that’s never going to change.


If we got anything I’d say jab hitting crouchers and even though it’s never been an issue for me for them to lower the hitstun we get for being counterhit out of EX Pinwheel. Some people can ultra us for purposely trading on our wakeup. Also a little bit less pushback on fireballs. Just enough that xx l.fuhajin, xx pinwheel hits on everyone.

Selfishly and unrealistically I’d like more walkspeed and to not have armor breaking moves beat Kasatushi. lol

What would probably happen is we’d lose that new fireball tech and have our active frames reduced.

Oh. As long as we get Juri I’d like to just get to SF5 too. I didn’t play Vanilla cause nobody really fit. Juri’s too awesome. Probably would have went Akuma if I played.


As soon as Ono is back in Japan, I’ll tweet him to ask Ayano for v2013. They should support the game as long as Sega did VF5.

I also would like less pushback in her fireballs.


I just want both hits of LK Senpusha to be blocked by crouching opponents, making it -4 like it’s supposed to be, instead of -8. Please!


that, and make it -2. extend the hitbox on her leg raise so you don’t need to be (virtually) point blank to have low forward, store whiff. faster walk speed. that is all.


I’m game for some faster walk speed.


yesterday AE2012 was updated on gfwl.
as for ono going back to work at capcom.

god no.

also, faster wake up por favor.
thank you.


Nah there is really no reason to update.


[]No one’s mentioned fixing EX pinwheel outside of FSE yet?
]I’d like EX divekick to “suck in” the opponent so the third hit won’t drop.
[]I’d still love for U2 to hit behind her.
]Somewhat on principle, can we please have EX fireball go full-screen like every other character’s EX fireball?
[*]More wish list, but it’s been bugging me more lately: Have EX counter go the direction the stick is held in terms of left/right instead of forwards/backwards. In other words go the direction the stick is held regardless of whether you get crossed up or not.


I’d would like EX senpusha to suck in opponents similar to Rufus’s EX tornado. Sometimes in a combo when you go cr. MK xx EX senpusha only a few hits connect.
U2 to hit behind her or raise the hitbox.
Juri fireballs are too weak, be it damage or speed. Something needs to be done.


i really would say go for sf5 and have juri in it rather than go for v2013. if we got v2013 theres bound to be more broken stuff added in forcing a v2014 to come in and then the game would be more stupid in terms of best characters and over patching things(plus the fact that they might nerf juri) my honest opinion if it happens is, i wish juri either had a better start up on a fuhajin leg raises or better recovery after the leg whiff i swear against sagat and guile fireball wars you get scuffed out on either trying to break a fireball or when u whiff the leg raise. lk senpushas could get a lil safer and fixing the fix boxes to hit behind would be great being that this move is a pinwheel. My like wish that will probably not exist is in fse have far be an overhead, because in the fse mixup games people always anticipate going for our 1 only overhead


More damage on Fuhajin, both hits. EX pinwheel becoming a real reversal, would be nice if Juri was considered airborn during pinwheels, since technically she is.


I think they might do a little bit of balancing but nothing like v.2012 because I think they are pretty much done with this iteration of street fighter


completely agreed. again there things we wish could happen but if anything again the game can become more BS than it is fun.

what if pinwheel had a DP property? it would crazy godlike lol


jesus christ. no more updates. Game is pretty nice now


Realy minor changes could be. But seriously no more major rebalances. Leave it as it is.


i want faster wake up, more invincibilty on ex pinwheel…i want it to be a true “get off me” move and for it to stop trading with normals and other nonsense, ex dive to do all hits and wall bounce regardless where you hit the oppent’s hurtbox in the first hit. thats it i think. oh, and kaisen to hit her oppenents that end up behind her. thats it.


Juri only needs one thing in this game, and that’s EX.Pinwheel as an invincible wakeup option that actually travels as far as LK.Pinwheel please. I feel bad for the U2 people so for those guys, make U2 have a hitbox behind like in SFxT -_-; --Would give her a lot of option select goodies~


I actually just want her st jab to be three frames. Give me that and I’d be set.