Ssfhd tournament! bring it!

Hey guys i know its been a while since ive been on SRK but im back! and i wanna run a tournament to see whos left on the PSN! I think im Feeling a DOUBLES TOURNY!! So without further ado let me explain the rules:

HOST: Vegas_HunnyBunny
Date: Thursday, August 25th 2011
Time: 10:00 P.M EASTERN
Banned: Akuma, Turbo
Settings: Game Speed 3, 3 out of 5 rounds per game. 16 TEAMS! ( will hold more if neccessary)

** Rules:**

Ok so here is how the tournament is going to be ran. I will be holding a 16 TEAM tournament ( but i will have more teams enter if neccessary). i think a team tournament would be a good way to bring back someone HDR players that have left us. But, this is how its going to go: The teams will be RANDOMIZED with who they will be facing the bracket. THERE IS NO SPECIAL PEOPLE EVERYONE GETS TREATED EQUALY! It will be a 3 out of 5 round game per GAME! Which means u play the first member of the other team ONE GAME 3 out of 5 rounds! Of course the winner of that game stays in to fight the next opponent. When both members have been eliminated that team is knocked out! Im sorry i cant hold a loser bracket with this tournament! Its a PICK ANY CHARACTER TOURNAMENT! THERE IS NO WINNER STICKS TO CHARACTER IN THIS TOURNAMENT! But obviously AKUMA is banned! After 9 P.M on August 25th i will NOT be letting anymore teams sign up! The Bracket will be up 15 minutes before 10 P.M which is when the tournament will start! there will be a 10 minute window for latecomers! NOT A MINUTE MORE! If your partner doesnt show up THERE IS NO RESERVES OR BACKUPS! U WILL BE FIGHTING IN THE TOURNAMENT ALONE!


** Its a U.S ONLY TOURNAMENT! im sorry but im gunna try to cut the lag out as much as possible! But this is a personal note to NHC and anyone else that ive caused problems with over the past year or 2. Im sorry for all the shit that ive started or provoked! I guess you can say i “Grew up” LOL but im gunna put everything behind me and i hope you guys can too. There will be no more RQ’S, Trash talk ( un less its neccessary LOL) but i want to fill this tournament up so NHC, WHC, or anyone else if your in here…LETS DO THIS!!**



I’m down for this. Maybe I’ll team with my brother.

I think it’s a bad time for this tourney to happen when you have 3rd strike around the corner and seems everyone might fly over there.

Your timing is pretty off man. As EZ said.

I’ll be spending most my time with TSO, but I’m up for entering as long as more players sign up.

I’ll sign up so you’ll have players

Why bother? The minute someone throws you, you’ll stop playing and start crying.

sorry guys, but the tournament is rescedueled for this coming wednesday. sorry for the inconvienience if it even fills up.

Sign me up. Haven’t played this game in ages.

ok. who is your partner troy?