Ggs to thesharkfactor, frontlinesbets.

Super…your honda always gives me fits. Lol

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GG’s to Super1NYC, Bogeuk, Decimates1, NarsissusCeasar, Quarstice, and Voltech.

Bogeuk’s DJ is too good now lol. I used to smash every DJ player into oblivion until our recent matches. Now I keep thinking everyone else’s DJ is pro like yours and get way too conservative/overcautious. I gotta get my smile killing gief back lol.

Ggs quaristice, and blitzfu. I played like crap.

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GGS: Evoanon, NLP OU, Bogeuk, Decimates1, Illusive Empire, Biiig OOO, Narcissus Caesar, diceman and everyone else.

GGs to all the last week :D. Been either working or playing ST lately though. BTW I hate big ass rooms on HDR esp when I’m randoming ^_~.

Hey guys looking to start up another league for HDR. Please click on the link and check it out.

A lot of you are always posting in here so I figured let’s get a league going. I know it is on-line so dont look at it beyond that. It should be competitive but fun too. Also the way it is going to be setup it should accomodate everyone’s time schedule. We will not be mandating set times. You just will have a week to play your matches. Hope to get 10 to 16 people if not more.

Thanks in advance.

GGS to Super1NYC, howmuchkeefe, and everyone else from earlier tonight. Thanks guys!

GGS: Thenarus (Voice of Reason) above, and everyone else from last night! :slight_smile:

Yo, when do you guys usually play? I’m working some seriously long hours for the next month, so I’ll do my best to be on at least one night most weekends.

VGG’s to Quaristice , Guile75 , Diceman , and URTH.
As i’ve said before…SOOOOO much fun with these pure-euro rooms.

GGs yesterday to diceman078, xIBLACKIISTARIx, & Archangel GWolf

GGs to Guile75, Quaristice, Exposed D, Diceman and RobM. Absolute quality games, and it’s good to speak to you all again/finally.

@ RobM2610… i got your message last night bro’. maybe i missed something, but has something happened that will prevent you from playing?
i enjoy playing you mate… i hope your not away for good.

cheers everyone… long may hd remix continue.


GGs to Super1NYC, RenoMDizzle, Howmuchweed, SlyRy, Decimates1, BogeUK and anyone else I missed… good shit.

You like my avatar, Super? I figured I’d put up 2 people I can bust your ass with. lol. GGs the past few weeks man. My Reeyou was on point last night… Reno also got double-mmmmmmm…MMMMMMMM’d in a Hawk Attack mirror. Good shit Reno. Can you belive that they’re adding side tourneys and casuals at evo this year? I’m massed Morton’s… (season salt). I would’ve tried to make it out this year. We all got to keep this HDR shit rollin and head out to evo next year. Shit would be a blast. Anyways, how do I mod a SNES controller to use on 360? Is this possible? If so, I feel like I’d whoop some more ass if I had that pad instead of stock 360…

Good shit fellas.


GGS to the following players; Rob M, Blitzfu, Diceman078, Ohfivepro, thesharkfactor, xxDhalsim007xx, Boostin db, Zwirenl, Reno MD, Bogeuk, Super1nyc, Dr Inky aok, II Goron II, II Urth II, Prophecy IRL, Empirion, Oski H, Guile75, Remy77077, ExposedD, Quaristice and a load more I can’t remember.

Good games, good Zangief.

GGs last night to Infamous1, RenoMD, Two Figgity and many others. I was running that room like Mr. Belding when I came in… 15-2. Then Reno showed up… ouch ouch and figgity finally got one on me. Good shit guys. Nothing made my night more than picking Ryu on a definitive rage, then only switching to Zangief when Purple Trap and I matched up. :wink: It’s always refreshing to get my good Ryu beat by other solid Ryus so I can see what I need to work on considering he’s my main… That’s what I showed Purple Trap’s main Zangief what happens (when you have shit to work on) with my Zangief when he picked him.

Good shit, Trap. Keep working that Gief. Figgity, your Honda got lucky, nagga. :wink: GGs

GG’s to Mr X64

Yeah man.

Good games to Thelo, afro legends, Caucajun, howmuchkeefe, RoyalPhlush, sunkjokky87, and everyone else earlier in sets.