Gg’s to swole T, Fingers of Fury, AimedJake (for putting up with my awful playing as I was drunk) and everyone I played this afternoon! Especially invinciblex42 for a epic ranked match!

GG’s tonight to Voltech, Super1NYC, LadyxAthena, and NLP OU.

Madpossum : Yeah! We had good games. I’m glad that I just took a round off your Honda! XD

Also GG’s to Super1NYC, Voltech, and NLP OU.
And Voltech! That game we had doesn’t come any closer than that!! =D

Yeah Athena that was a good game!

Also GG’s to everyone listed above that was a fun set until the lagg kicked in (I’m looking at you Super >) Oh and NLP OU your sim got real nasty or maybe my game is rusty either way lets get more games in. I sent you a FR so we can set it up.

Oh yeah DPC’s “sorry for party rockin” - Peace out!

GGS: **Voltech SRK, Mad Possum, ****NLP OU, LadyXAthena, **SLCPR and everyone else from last night!

Voltech, my bad about that last game. I made the mistake of trying to play while uploading.
It was obviously not intentional and the connection was great otherwise.

I just heard about MisterEgoTrip’s passing. :frowning:

GG’s to Exposed, Urth, and Reno!

The good times I had playing HDR tonight, I dedicate to MisterEgoTrip.

GG’s to ma boy doomsdaydevice0 and then later on same day GGs to Thelothegreat + Reno + Norieaga + Urth.
Some hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-level shit tonight.

But it’s fun to play drunk! :slight_smile:

GG’s to Voltech, Swole T, NLP OU, and Athena.

Amazingly good games, your Honda is in top form and beat the daylights out of everyone! MisterEgoTrip would be, and is, proud.

GGS also to **MasterDJW, GlitchinDmatrix, CoolDEVASTATOR **and everyone else!

GG to Miles even though we didn’t get to finish! Bad games to my Xbox for getting the RROD in the middle of a match yesterday.

Haven’t been on here for awhile. but ,fun, great, quality games lately from: Super1NYC, LadyxAthena, rwv bladerunner, Ruskino n the rest

GGs to Reno’s newly found jackass he’s riding on in his avatar. That’s a mighty fine clydesdale deem perfect fit for a deadly Dic. Lol.

GGs Quarstice,diceman, Lady of snow and Thesharkfactor!!! oh and zero12k7,II urth II …sorry my hawk is pure Garbage!!!

It is a pretty faithful steed


GGS also to: **RenoMD, mad possum, ****GlitchinDmatrix, LadyxAthena, PhoenicianMinds, Dipl0matz, Milodc, rodlad78, STAINGUY1 **and everyone else.

Special thanks to everyone in the party - it was a blast! :smiley:

ggs to RobM2610, BogeUK, Quaristice, Zero1K2007, ExposeD/InitzialD, painindagame, voltechSRK, Guile75, Blitzfu, oneNEOeno, GlitchinDmatrix, BoostinDB, Lion0 82, Master DJW, BIG C DUBS… and everyone else ive missed!

good times ahead… play on…

GGS: Dipl0matz, PhoenicianMinds, xXTLegendary1Xx**, blitzfu **and anyone I missed.

Good games to several people over the last few weeks:

Guile75, PhoenicianMinds, thesharkfactor, Dipl0matz, LadyxAthena, painindagame, voltechSRK, xXTLegendary1Xx, BoostinDB, oneNEOeno, Lion0 82, Master DJW, Bogeuk, BIG C DUBS, Super1NYC, omeli

GGs Thesharkfactor!! win or lose this guy is one of the best to play, doesnt quit and sticks around to get better, massive respect m8…oh and oh5pro …top games again…( ggs everyone apart from 1 loss quitters!!!) its player matches for gods sake, it means nothing!!