GG’S to Undergrndhiphop, invincible x42, XtremeFajita, Shin Bison, brahdawg, RAZORFIST
and to all the people who still support this game by playing it…


GGS: TalkinBananna aka Travelin Penguin and everyone else from earlier today.


Good Games:

Grenade, Winky, Vegeta, Bogeuk, and blitzfu. Have to get the IV tendencies out of me, kept trying to dash, kara-tiger shot/kara-tigerknee LOL!


GGS to swole T recently who has stepped up his game with Chun Li.
Here’s something I’ve never seen before this, Honda is dizzy at the end after winning!


you want good ST players? try ggpo.

I’m pretty good as a result of tons of time on there.
GG’S to Voltech for the Chun mirror… Though his poking game needs work.

Also, what this game did to Hawk in the name of balance stinks. No fei lockdown and super nerfs also stinks.


GGS: TalkinBananna aka Travelin Penguin, II GRENADE, vegetabroly, TheSharkfactor, Alpha Elite1 and urukh41.


Good games: Vegetabroly, XtremeFajita, Ladyathena, howmuchkeefe, Lights Out. Glad to see Lights Out back on HDR.


Never thought I’d say this, but agreed. It’s refreshing to play a good Sagat again. For some reason no one plays him!


And what’s funny is, Sagat is so much better in HDR than in ST. He’s not as overpowered as O.Gat and more fun to use than N.Gat. If I wasn’t such a shoto fan, I’d be all over it lol.

Good games to you earlier.


GGS: LadyxAthena,** PhoenicianMinds, ****soopakripnud5, **CIPHER 2000, Armed to Fight and anyone I missed.


GGS:NLP OU, FUSION x214x, Caucajun and sunkjokky87tf.

There are more great players in player match rooms now than there have been for a long time.


Same as always of course!

As for Sagat, while I don’t say this often, I kinda think HDR has more overall potential to be just as good or better (!) than O.Gat. The zoning obviously isn’t quite there, but the N.Sagat improvements, O.Sagat tiger uppercut, and that god damn tiger knee juggle make for a hell of a scary match in the right hands.


GGs man. You’ve been making me feel hella slow these days!

GGs to everyone else I’ve played lately, too. Things seem to be getting a bit more busy on XBL lately


That would be an understatement, as I said there are more great players in player match rooms now than there have been for a long time.
Thank you to everyone who kept playing the game all along!
Thanks to people like you a revival is underway! :smiley:


GGS: Fusion x214x, **LadyxAthena, **howmuchkeefe, ChiefTotemPole, Armed to Fight and everyone else!


Have to agree with Super lots of great players in player matches lately and some really competitive matches…Got my ass handed to me a few times but had lots of fun.

GGs to left4feds, TalkinBananna, DQ ABEL, LastHaloking, MrSuedeo, Lights Out o


GGs to vegetabroly, RenoMD, GruntingBaby, cvital, II GRENADE, xXTLegendary01Xx (nice 'Gief last night, scumbag) ;), Sad1st1cSteve, blitzfu and many others.


GGS: evoanon, NLP OU and everyone else from last night!


GGs to all of AOD and the clan battle!!! Good close games. FUCK LYGHTS 0UT though, pompous prick. :slight_smile:


Good games to RAZ0RFIST, PhoenicianMinds, swole T, and F1ngers 0f Fury.