GGS: left4feds, also GGS to that Balrog player from earlier, and everyone else!


GGS: sunkjokky87tf, BIG C DUBZ , Evil DarkLegion, Tha FeauchA and anyone I forgot.


GGS: howmuchkeefe, dav35 and everyone else.
I tried editing the post above to include these updates, but the edits don’t seem to take.


GGS: FUSION x214x, xtriker360 and everyone else from earlier.

Also special thanks to those who sent me the nice messages, I appreciate the compliments!


Good games to Lights Out o (Lyghts 0ut).



Master Zealous

Master your Sagat is coming along pretty nicely, beat the hell out of my Ken lol. El patriarca kinda ruined the day coming in and just talkin’ jibberish lol. Just put those type of fools on ignore. We have to get some more Gears in to brew. That was fun.


GGS: Caucajun, soopakripnud5 and everyone else from the room! :smiley:


GGS: LadyxAthena, FUSION x214x, GlitchinDmatrix, WesTcyde, Cvital and everyone else. :smiley:

GGS: mad possum, Caucajun, AmanojyakU, CIPHER 2000, Armed to Fight and anyone I missed! :slight_smile:


Good games to RAZ0RFIST, Throsh, and xpimppat87x.


Ggs To Bullfrog, Fredrico Demali, SolarNova, Ibpoison, Lazy Eyes 07, oneNEOeno, and whoever else i missed


GGS: left4feds, AmanojyakU, kingjeff and everyone else!


GGS: FUSION x214x, Dipl0matz and everyone else from earlier! :slight_smile:


Aint been on here in a minute. Good games to all the people i’ve been playin. Glad people still play this game, weather it be classic mode or remixed.


I’ll be back soon, kiddos… :wink:


GGS: FUSION x214x,II GRENADE, LadyxAthena, sunkjokky87tf, howmuchkeefe,CIPHER 2000,STRAIGHTRUN, xtriker360, AmanojyakU,WesTcyde, Armed 4 Death, WidowedGorgon07 and everyone else I’ve played with recently! :smiley:


GGS to… RobM2610, BIG C DUBS, mailmanimp, BogeUK, ibpoison, Trent798 (or something, good Chun player) and many others…

is it just me, or has this game been getting busier recently? each evening i log on there are new names playing… some good players too… and some noobs as well- which is great [S]fun[/S] practice! lol…

i have been working on my game, watching and playing some of the best players around. i can see they all have thier own style and plan/pattern of attack or formula for winning…and they stick hard to it. i think im finally getting to grips with my characters, working out my own formulas that suit my game.

the depth of this game just seems to get greater the further you dig, there is no other game like it… long live ST and HDR…


GGS: left4feds, xMvPxMaNyx, MonFyy, Armed 4 Death, LadyxAthena, FEI LEE**,********ant landers ******and everyone else from earlier today! :smiley:


ggs to the guys I’ve recently played (initzial dic, swole T, Urth, Doomsday, blitzfu, oneneoone, forgive me if I’ve excluded you).


Good games RenoMD, it’s been a while.

Good games to mad possum too, awesome long session we had.

Good games to a bunch of others, Feaucha, omeli, cornoncrap, synco.


Good games to everyone from earlier, including METABOLIZM, II GRENADE and everyone else. :smiley:
These last few days my party has been full, with all 8 slots occupied and people waiting to get in! :slight_smile:
My hilarious parties continue to be the funniest online entertainment available anywhere! :smiley:
More and more great players are popping out of nowhere to offer competitive matches to anyone! :slight_smile: