HDR still going strong! Hold it down for me, I’ll be back soon :wink:


You got it, top players are always welcome. I get more enjoyment out of beating better players. :slight_smile:
In the meantime, I’ll beat the living $h|t out of everyone, as always.


GGs SwoleT and Zero12k7, top stuff .


this game is still going strong guys… and i tell you what- its going get going EVEN MORE soon!.

this game is finally seeing a disc release after all that time!

to release on disc on 27th march 2012 in the US, and 27th march 2012 in Europe… as part of the Capom Digital Collection…

roll on all the fresh meat noobs very soon!!!


Wow good news!

All we need now is an arcade release and it’s on :wink:


Awesome. I am definitely getting HDR on disc.


GGS: thesharkfactor and everyone else, too busy to type them all now.


Even though I already have downloaded almost all of those games already (remember when we all bought Commando 3 just to play the HDR demo? LOL) I’ll probably still buy that disc.

Haven’t posted here in long time so GGs to everyone I’ve played lately. Tonight had some good games with Synco and SLCPR (and some others whose names I can’t remember). I got some of the ones with SLCPR recorded, some pretty good matches if anyone wants to check them out. Have a bunch of the ones from Blitzfu and my long session the other day (way to many of him beating me up, though, lol) as well.

OK, enough of the shameless self promotion. Keep trying to hype HDR everyone!


GGs to everyone …why do people not wont to have a loss in player matches thou??? I am so fed up of so called top players on xbox live dropping and rejoining lobbies as they lost. ITS NOT RANKED?? SO IT MEANS NOTHING !! Even Daigo loses…


Great heads up Voltech!
I’ll be buying a few of these. :slight_smile:


That was an awesome session Mad Possum, thanks so much for recording and uploading (all 18 matches!! and the visual quality is superb just like all your other vids).

You have no idea how aggravating your Honda can be tho lol. Good times tho, and good games. :tup:


GGS to thesharkfactor.



name and shame the quitters mate…

one guy that gets on my tits is AutomatedHydra… this guy quits when he sees he’s going to lose- usually during the 2nd round if it looks like he’s gonna lose.


GGS… Guile75, Super1NYC, BIGCDUBS, BoostinDB, robm2610, II Grenade, BogeUK, EvilDarkLegion*… and everyone else…

  • i just cannot beat this guy… not even once in a dozen matches with my main and him playing random charachters… very good games mate!


Good god damn games to El Patriarca 2!!!
Just an absolute pleasure to play against. He never RQ’s, he’s always polite and friendly, he never talks smack, he always plays fair, he’s just an all round great guy.
He’s that cool he’s even gonna teach me how to use Akuma! How Awesome?
What a guy. A true gent.


GGs to caucajun, II GRENADE, idiotsavantpilo, ibpoison, blitzfu and everyone else I’ve played lately


Nice joke, Doomsday. Good games to swole T, Phoenician, and anybody that I missed.


Ha yeah. On a more serious note GGs to Zero12k7, Swole T, II Grenade, Bogeuk, Rob M, Herbalholic, Fuzzy Pops, ohfivepro, RenoMD, Phillai and ofcourse GGs to ma boys Quaristice and Initzial D.


Good games howmuchkeefe (sick Ryu, Ken and Sagat), Fuzzy Pops, phillal, Swole T, Metabolizm, CIA Kingz, Grenade and DoomsDayDevice.


GGS: NLP OU, awesome public and private sessions!


GGS: slyry.