Ggs to Super1Nyc, GlitchenDmatrix, Tricky Bastud, BrutalHarpy7, Master DJW (today)
Yesterday Ggs to IBpoison, Sonic unleashed, sosnester12 and anyone else i missed


GGs slyry, sick 720s.


GGS: xXTlegendary1Xx, GlitchinDmatrix and everyone else from the other day!
GGS: evoanon and ee from yesterday!


GGs to everyone I played over the weekend. Swole T and FROMO were particularly impressive!


GGs to RenoMD !


ggs to exposed and swole


ggs to mad possum! crazy matches! was ages ago i got to play a really GOOD honda player aswell.


VGGS to you and Quaristice last night, too bad I didn’t have my Game Capture hooked up, wish I could have gotten a couple of those crazy finish ones recorded.


ggs to swole t, bullfrog42, needle knife, metabolizm angerfist remix, real baboon, ohfivepro, fuzzy pops, pridefc4life, glitchDmatrix , Eazy Da Kid, Ibpoison, trackstar123, vegetabroly and rGio


Damn /i miss this game! I should have an Xbox soon =D


GGs blitz. Someday I’m going to figure out how you manage to throw me 1000 times a session.


GGS: METABOLIZM, jimmy****198050 and Pennywise SLG.

Thanks for the kind words!


GGS , amanojyaku, mr winky83, killaBlunt145, seiya asamiya, ultraEnder V2, LeRaldo


GGs go out to Swole T, Caucajun aka the cocks, Exposed D, Soopakripnud, MrX64(Thanks for the beatings, lol), and Mr Winky.


GGs fury. Also ggs to cacajun, the only high level gief my rog can consistently beat lol


Thanks stud, very good games to you too. I don’t know how you can switch between 3 characters and still play well everytime (Hawk, Honda, Rog). It’s like you don’t even need a round to warm up. If I do that, it would take me at least 2 warm up GAMES before I’m good to go. That’s why I use one character for a very long time before switching lol.

Good games to various players over the last couple of weeks:

SLCPR, IBPoison, ohfivepro, Bullfrog, Swole T, jimmy198050, mrX64 and others.

Special GGs to Thelo, would love to see you playing this game more often bro, very good Honda as usual.


GGS: Ginotes and** SxcBeast81.**


Good games to Zero1 2k7 and Initzial D. Also, good games to Mr x64 a couple weeks ago.


i totally forgot to give x64 a GG.

ggs to mr x64 and everyone else.


Get the hell back on already. I am eager to give your Chun a beating upon your return. :smiley: