GGS: TheBlueArcher, xtriker360, jimmy198050 and Lady Gambit.


GGS: CoolDEVASTATOR, alkan1978 and everyone else from today’s session. Undefeated!! :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:


GGS: FUSION x214x, BiggzFrmDaHillz, KimCheeWarrior and sKeLeToN MaN.


GGS: slyry56 and VolcanoIsBack!

Special GGS to Master DJW for all the good games we’ve had - good luck and see you at the next game sometime in the future!

UPDATE 4/26/2012:

GGS: XSPR, TOUCH 0F D3ATH, Relinquished88, KnightimeX, WidowedGorgon07, Bullfrog and everyone else! :slight_smile:


Good games to XSPR and OtoChun777. XSPR, I can’t wait to have a set with you that doesn’t feel like I’m perpetually one second in the past :wink:

OtoChun’s connection, on the other hand, was buttery-smooth, and man did he deliver some pain with O.Ken, Ryu, and Guile. *****


Good games to:

Geneijin, XSPR, phillai, BiggzFrmDaHillz, Dreday, aikan1978, soopakripnud, MasterDJW, Impact009, Relinquished88, guile75

I know it’s probably not THE Otochun, but I still have to ask. :razzy:


Actually, we were jamming out on Classic mode, and the skill level he displayed, along with the fact that he is a Japanese player with a huge SFII bio on XBL, left very little doubt. Do your best to find him on and see for yourself!


I must find him! (goes into stalker mode) If OtoChun is on XBL people are gonna shit bricks! (Ok maybe just me)

Confirmed: OtoChun is playing HDR CLassic mode on XBL! It seems the Japanese are getting hard copies via the Capcom Digital collection see this this.

OtoChun777 “Recently is a Xbox360 “Street Fighter 2HD REMIX” primarily” Yes I’m stalking him :wink:


GG: Voltech and GGS to everyone from yesterday.

UPDATE 4/28/2012:
GGS to everyone, had an off day and got my butt kicked! :rofl:


Good god, humility? Maybe you are changing for the better. GGs.

Shakes fist at Reno for playing absolutely perfect against me but missing ToDs on other peeps


ggs to Caucajun, haru tejyo (Jodim), and several others. Played a set of Gief vs. Hawk on Classic for 25 games against Jodim…I won four, heh. They were usually pretty close, though; great set. “GGS, good hawk,” he sent.

Does EL ANTISOCIAL use turbo? Sure felt like it. Also regarding him, it’s a dick move to keep joining into a room where the lag is horrendous, ranked or no.


…Jodim speaks English? And he still plays? Awesome.


Jodim has been on much more often in the past few days; I caught another small set with him last night. He must have joined someone else’s room initially though, since it was set to turbo 3 (instead of his usual 2), and he actually had a losing match record. For whatever reason, Classic’s been really popular lately!


Thenarus - add me to your friends list, I don’t think we’ve played yet??


We have; it’s just been awhile :wink: I’ll jump on and add you. I’m in South Korea until the 11th, so my ping won’t be great for you until then. In the meantime, though, it’s great for playing against the Japanese.


Oh that explains it :wink: Well send them my way lol


Dozens of GGS to Voltech; I’m going to have to step up, cuz this guy pretty much clobbered me! Also a few GGS to GeneiJin87 with that Boxer prowess.


GG’s man thanks for sticking around I really need the practice. I’ve only been able to play offline twice a week until I finally got another Xbox. So now I’m back online and happy =D


Glad to be of service! It’s mutually beneficial. After you left, I ended up in mostly Classic rooms with my smoothing turned off…and not an hour after you’re gone, guess who shows up? OtoChun =P I think the final damage was 16-2 in his favor, though I did split O.Hawk and O.Chun. Everything was so tight, though, man. You’ve got to get in on this!


What!!! I was soo tired it was 4:30 am here and I played for 12 hours and I was getting sloppy =P

But it’s good to know he’s currently playing, I gotta see his play style and how he handles that match-up. Any chance you could record next time hes on?