Yeah man, that was a marathon for you, especially for the middle of the week!

All of my streaming gear is packed up, but I can try to get my camera set up for it. He’s been playing O.Ken, Ken, Ryu, and Guile. He just jumped into a Classic room we were in and started dominating (again).


So I’m guessing it was about 5am here when he jumped on. I’m gonna have to set mu alarm if I wanna play him.


He actually friended me after our first set. You might try sending him a request.


I did last time I was on but he doesn’t know me… yet :wink:

I’m about to hop on for a few


I have a mass briefing to go to in less than a half hour, but if you’re on in a few hours, I’ll catch you on man.


GG’s Jizzon!

I finally got to play Yuh Vega DJ he is a monster with that DJ of his. Very similar to Afro Legends DJ actually. Oh and OtoChun excepted my friend request but I haven’t been able to play him yet =\

We need someone that speaks Japanese to tell these guys that there are a bunch of us that want to play them. I’m not sure what they think about HD Remix but I assume they think nobody in the US plays it anymore because of all the trash people talked about it. I wonder if people would come back to HDR if they could get a chance to play some of the top Japanese players?


GGS! Haha man, I was getting all kinds of frustrated today. Toward the end, I was just throwing random pokes just to see how long it was taking them to come out, because I couldn’t respond, react, or counter what you were doing at all. Two weeks!

That’s a good idea about communicating with the Japanese players. Yuh Vega DJ and OtoChun would surely be down for some good comp. Those guys do always play Classic though. I’m sure anyone looking to play some of the best wouldn’t care what mode the game’s in. Wonder if they know about the ToL…


GGS and thanks.

UPDATE 5/3/2012:
GGS to phillai, OG Feds and everyone else today, especially blitzfu who beat the living $!*% out of Honda!

Also, GGS to everyone else over the past few days…


GGs to this guy. Great bison. hope to play him again in the future.


Good games to blitzfu, Thenarus, VOLTECH and others I’ve played for the past week.


Good games.

Damn I gotta get in on the Otochun/Jodim/Yuhvega comp, but it’s too bad I’m on the EC. Still…It might be playable.

@Voltech - you’re on the WC right? So 5am your time should be 8am my time. I’ll try tomorrow morning to see if they’re on.


Ha! Laggy tick-throwing Bison dude? He RQ’d on me a few hours ago. That said, I’ve been grinding for awhile tonight, and GG’s to a whole slew of people.


GGs to Voltech yesterday morning, super tough Chun as always.


GG’s to you to man, your Honda’s really good. One mistake and you really make me pay for it.


Kacom: “High all day.” lol.


oOo Dman oOo is infamous for sending increasingly volatile rage mail. I beat that guy three times in a row until he dropped on the third one, so he sends me a message screaming like a fuckin’ maniac.


GGS: XSPR, FUSION x214x,STRAIGHTRUN, CoolDEVASTATOR, Dipl0matz, VolcanoIsBack and everyone else! :smiley:


UPDATE: GGS: mr X64, evoanon**, **

GGS 5/10/2012: P p P p Panik**, Dipl0matz, N0C0J0ESA, SlobberyJam, **SxcBeast81 and everyone else.

GGS in ST: mad possum.


GGS to everyone ive played lately…

ive been having a wierd problem over the last few evenings, i wonder if any of you guys have experienced it too?..

while playing, sometimes direction presses are not being recognised at all, or are extremely laggy… especially diagonals… to the extent that walking forward or back does nothing, jump back or forward and end up going straight up, it happens random, but when it does the match is ruined…

i went offline into 1p training mode and still the same…

i loaded up a training round on sf2HF (on x360) and it played perfectly, no lag, every press regsiters…

went back to HDR… same issue…

wft is going on? this had happend a couple of times now and i cannot explain it? must be a problem with HDR?


Good games

XSPR, PPPP Panik, N0C0J0ESA, SlobberyJam and others.

No problems with my directions/diagonals. Maybe it’s a problem with your copy of HDR? You could try uninstalling and reinstalling it, or try it with another stick/pad.