thanks for the suggestion… i’ll try re-install HDR and see if it helps. recently just got a new stick and switches, the problem was there before and is back again with the new stick. it could also be a wiring issue causing it somehwhere in the cab…thats why i wanted to see if it is a know problem, or is it just me- my wiring…


GGs to Dream Theater in those Classic Ranked matches yesterday, good to play you again after such a long time.


GGS, lots of great competition!


GGS to everyone who I’ve been playing over the past week, including Super1NYC, blitzfu, infamousone, and so very many others. I’m now back in the States, so the pings are WONDERFUL with you all, and I’m on a gaming monitor too. I’m having to relearn my timings so much, so thanks for the help!


It’s awesome to finally play you in good conditions. Your Chun Li is pretty damn amazing, and your Hawk ain’t no joke either. Good games.

Are you heading overseas again soon? Just curious how long the low pings are gonna last. = J


Thanks man. You play the shotos and Honda pretty tight yourself.

I’ll be in New Mexico for at least a year, so assuming they have at least average speeds there, things should stay good. I do miss having a great connection with the Japanese though, oh man.


GGS Thenarus, great competition and the connection is perfect.
GGS also to: RenoMD**, **ChiefTotemPole, CoolDEVASTATOR, VolcanoIsBack,
CoolDEVASTATOR and kooldevastator2! It’s great getting new people into the game.

GGS as well to anyone I missed.


GG’s to Reno and some guy named JWoh (dont remember exact tag) but this guy was solid with shotos.


Just played a decent set with blitzfu and aniken (!). Sadly we didn’t exactly do our countries proud against the best n.Ken in the world but it was still awesome lol.

Also nice set to XSPR and Milo.


GGs stud. Dat aniken is a monster! When I finally won one, I was incredibly excited but also couldn’t believe it for a second. I was like “Ok any second now it’s gonna roll back to aniken perfecting me” lol.


I know the feeling. When I finally took one I kinda did this:

It really was too cool though. He was doing all that advanced shit I never see anywhere else. I’d have to think he likes HDR ken over n.Ken lol.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too. At least he doesn’t have to deal with unwanted Crazy Kicks anymore, but the funny thing is, he would still get the occasional Crazy Kick after a blocked sweep. I guess it’s just part of his execution habit (or maybe it’s planned lol). He definitely likes the invincible Strong Shoryuken though.


GG’s to SCLPR (insane Jap DJ), 05pro, and Madin Aoi.


GGs to everyone I’ve played lately. Haven’t lost much skill even though I RARELY play this game now.


GGs to everyone I’ve played lately

… also, my apologies. My connection keeps getting worse and worse. I’m probably not going to be online as much my conn issues are resolved.


GGS to all, good stuff!


GGs to XSPR, douglas888, prestonb86, spbytesurgeon and the other kids who used their free time to teach me how to play street fighter.


Also, GGs to getting your doors blown off


GGS to everyone, buhilaro /aniken was very tough to beat today:
In the first round he annihilated me, but I managed to win the next two.


GGS to all!

64 game winning streak including some of my trademark “OH YEAH, 2 ROUNDS TO NONE!” remarks: