Boo wheres the old shoryuken site? i had an account from xbox one days about 2006


lol is this how u sound when u winning. gosh i wonder what u sound like when u lose a match u was controlling :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t want to know, but if enough people are curious I just might upload one of my angry moments.
For now, check this out: (No, that’s not me sitting there but the voice is mine.)


afro legends (Dee Jay) vs KYOUKYARACHU (Balrog) - SSF2THDR - 6/9/2012:

yuh vega dj (M. Bison / Dictator) vs KYOUKYARACHU (Balrog / Boxer) - SSF2THDR - 6/9/2012:


a big GGS to my B0yZ : Quaristice , Lo Mei Gai , Xurkey , and last but not least lil Kacom.


GGs last night to Swole T, II Grenade, Armed For Death and everyone else. :slight_smile:


GGs to swole T, RenoMD & Kacom


GG’s to cockorock (Japanese Sagat, best I’ve seen), Super1NYC, and Blitzfu.

Good to play again for playing too much SFxT. :slight_smile:


Good games Noriega, yeah cocorock is pretty good, his Hawk is nice. But too bad it’s just a little laggy for me vs him. Also ggs Super.


GGS, also GGS to Baconology 101 aka ChampJackson, who is back!!


Black RL, TheSharkfactor, RSD3000,
[SIZE=16px]Alpha Elite1[/SIZE]

Good matches, solid play. Gonna get back on there later, and see if I can figure out how T. Hawk works in this remix. So used now to doing Condor Spire from SFIV :o


Once he warmed up, this guy demonstrated some seriously amazing Chun Li play. Quite inspirational.


GG’s to all the Japanese players and anyone else that’s crazy enough to have been on at like 4 am lol

I’ll be on tonight at a decent hour if anyone wants to go a few rounds.


GG’s PointBreak91, Not sure if you got anything from that match against T Hawk I played a little sloppy but got the job done in the end lol


You got the job done about 50 times in a row I think, lol, god damn. Chun mirror is kinda unpleasant, but I don’t get to do it often, and certainly not against such a lethally creative handler of SF’s 1st lady :china: :cool:

Hawk and Gief are such a nightmare on there, and so popular as well. Oh well, probably poetic justice for all the ridiculous ultra wins I’ve scraped through with the T-man on SFIV :lol:


some great games recently… i think ive played pretty much everyone, but… special mention to** blitzfu** (ggs earlier this evening) and oneNEOeno, raginwolf74, big c dubs, alkan1978, boostin db, phillai, robM2610 (ggs mate, sorry for dropping out on you that night), super1nyc (still almost helpless against your fatboy lols), ohfivepro (good 'grief!)…

ggs to everyone else…


GGs shark.

Also ggs to swolet, oneneoeno, phillai, aikan, robm, madin aoi, scarthumb, doc chaos, caucajun, voltech, howmuchkeefe and others.


GGS: Caucajun, Thenarus, Mr. X64, Kacom and Xioad.

GGS thesharkfactor!

GGS blitz.


GGS to everyone else I’ve played recently as well! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed less rage quitting and less akuma players, both good signs!


GGs to everyone I’ve played last week