GGS: Omeli85, Caucajun, The Tarman, F1NGERS 0F FURY,** **Eazy Da Kid and rokuto (sunkjokky87tf?)


ggs to blitzfu, travelingpenquin, level32Zangief, srkKoop, and a few others i cant remember. (Been playing ST on ggpo so might take me a few games remembering the controls are opposite from ST. Timing if off. :frowning:


ggs to everyone ive played lately!

Ya rokuto = sunkjokky. Has anyone seen how he holds up against other Japanese players? Ive always been curious!


GGs Super, we need to play more.

Also ggs to Tarman, Swole, AimedJake, Blitzfu, Keefe, and Ramza86


GGs to everyone I’ve played lately!

I’ve run into all sorts of interesting players over the past few weeks. Even after the format for the 25th anno tournament shifted.

Nice to see Snake Eyez back into shape. And once again the target of salty suspicion, it’s like it’s 2009/2010 all over again!


Just when I think my DJ leveled up, incomes blitzfu to shut him down ggs, also ggs to ZEROne 510, D8RKT3MPL8R H0F, omenking126, MonFyy. And lol @ the player called LazyH1cK for thinking I turbo, I’ll just take that as a compliment


GGs to Norieaga , Thenarus aka Jizzon , And Pointbreak 91 <- this girl is awesome.


ggs to all latey…

hey guys, what is a good way to record games? is there a way to do it without a camera?


There are a lot of good recording devices out there, I use the Avermedia Gamecapture HD. I chose that one because I could record in HD and it doesn’t need to be plugged in to a PC while recording like many of the others do. As a bonus I can also hook it up to my cable box and use it like a back up DVR to record shows and movies, etc. It’s what I used to record all the videos on my youtube page (except the Vita ones, had to use a camera for those).

If you want to see how the vids look:


GGs Blitz. That last Hawk vs Ryu match should have been recorded. 4 rounds, 0 vitality, fuckin awesome.


GGs to level 32 zangief aka snakeyes ,and blitzfu


I assume your Xbox is connected to your cab via VGA cable right? Then this might possibly work (only thing that might be an issue is resolutions).

It’s a no-name device, but claims to take a VGA input and split it into a VGA output and component too; so you can still have your Xbox connected to the cab, but you gain some component out too… I’d be weary of lag though, so I think I’d prefer to get a dumb VGA splitting cable and just send one to the converter and the other to the cab.

Then you connect your component to something like this:

Pricey, but I know loads of people use these including the guys at Team Limit Break who do the recording/streaming for Sodium Showdown, Proving Grounds and also the upcoming i46.


That truly was an awesome match indeed, it came down to the last pixel of energy in the final round. Wish I had been recording it but I just moved and my setup is still very rudimentary. Next time there’s any potential for a match like that, I’ll be ready…

GGS to all.


That was a friggin’ nailbiter every round. Good games stud.
Sorry for the late reply, not much on SRK these days.

Good games InitzialD (sp?), very awesome Fei BTW.

Good games, looking forward to any recordings you can manage.


GGS to blitzfu, mad possum, Mr. X64, Zwire nl and ize4lyf aka NLP OU.
I will be recording matches starting today, and I’ll upload the best ones to youtube.

GGS to anyone I missed as well.


ggs everyone I’ve met in here…lots of good players. I use this id on xbl and share it with my brother.
Level32 zangief shoutouts, axe Ono, and blitzfu thank you for killing us repeatedly :slight_smile:


ggs to RenoMd, bXAfterShockXd, DarkdreamT2, BullFrog, Swole t, Metabolism, Six buttons, GoGo Gadget Guys, Rosaro, Armed 4 Death, GlitchnDmatrix, Super1nyc, IIGRENADE, XEROWOLF, Boostin Db, And Whoever Else I played Recently


ggs to all that ive played this week, too many to count and post! I’m so busy leveling up my Ryu! After a month hiatus I figured it was time to play HDR again, very good competition lately


GGS: METABOLIZM, II GRENADE, RenoMD, BlueTallCans and anyone I missed!


GGs to un4given9h0st. Don’t know who this guy is, but despite the lag (must have been West Coast), had some real good games. He played the matchups well against all my charcters except Boxer, but that might have been lag benefitting me for a change.