ggs to urth , quari , blitzfu , and a couple of others that came and went.


good games ize4lyf, super1nyc, eazy da kid, Caucajun, kisuke, Axe ono, and a bunch of people I can’t remember atm :\

bad games to a certain someone who beat me a bunch of times on a laggy connection and then decided to disconnect when he got perfected.


Hadn’t played in awhile, and lucked out with a good lobby! ggs Caucajun, howmuchkeefe, TheTarman


November 2012 good games from Super1NYC:

GGS: SuperiorTech83! I just saw your post today.
GGS also to METABOLIZM, mad possum, NShogatsu, **synco, **CoolDEVASTATOR, NarcissusCheeser, blitzfu, Caucajun, Snake Eyez, DOC CHAOS, Eazy Da Kid, kelvinhbo, Boostin DB, rokuto, TOUCH 0F D3ATH, VolcanoIsBack and anyone I missed!
GGS in SSF2T (classic) to Jumpsuit, LA Bosko and everyone else!

64 game winning streak - games 37 to 64, 45 minutes long: (turn sound up if audio is low)

mad possum (halo E. Honda) vs blitzfu (Ken):

mad possum (E. Honda) vs left4feds (M. Bison)


Good games to a lot of people lately including: Caucajun, Pathos, Emperion, blitzfu, DGV, Diplomatz, Lo Mei Gai, soopakripnud, notwearingpantz, beeks the cat, and Jumpsuit!


GGS also to Tarman, regardless of any current conflict.

Special GGS to blitzfu today - we each perfected each other but overall I got a nasty beatdown! :frowning: hahaha


GGS to howmuchkeefe a few days ago.
GGS: METABOLIZM, **blitzfu,Caucajun, soopakripnud, Tarman, CoolDEVASTATOR, E**azyDaKid and everyone else from last night.


Good games to Caucajun, soopakripnud, Super1NYC (only one match due to Cipher2000 pretty much running the room last night), and of course Cipher2000 for kicking my ass with his Guile.

A special shout out to my friend, Screamingmuffin for being a good sport in our room and most importantly, beating MJAMES790 in a ranked match doing random things with Balrog LMAO!


Ah let me guess…

How accurate was that? :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-D:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):slight_smile: supeeeeeeerior fightersss OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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GGs to everyone I’ve played lately. Thanks for the games!

I think super1nyc’s enduring enthusiasm for the game is pretty inspiring, actually. makes me nostalgic for HDR’s golden age


Have been messing with Fei this week with some decent results, learning some of his matchups and getting sh*t on by Honda players lol.That’s when I pull out purp. DJ :slight_smile:

GGs to Chizzelz86, BlueTallCans, Blitzfu, Zilnib, Lo Mei Gai, Empirion, Scar7thumb, ESUROS, fq0, and many more


Thanks, GGS howmuchkeefe the other day. GGS to BlueTallCans recently.

GGS yesterday to:** METABOLIZM, Jumpsuit, CoolDEVASTATOR, The Tarman, Empirion, Narcissus Caesar** and everyone else from last night.

GGS today: Volcano, Caucajun,** **SuperiorTech83 and everyone else.


GGS and welcome back: Decimates1! good Ryu as always and an up-and-coming Chun-li to boot!
GGS also to: GlitchinDmatrix, GoGo GadgetGuys and xXTLegendary1Xx.

GGS: blitzfu, howmuchkeefe, Ayc1x, Auwdio (OG Feds) and IRISH NEMES1S.


Havent been on HDR in forever but…

rofl GGs @ el patriarca 2. You fucking suck with Gouki and Claw, but ill GGs you anyway cause your rage makes me laugh.

GGs to Metabolizm. You got better, but not up to snuff yet. GGPO will bring you up if you go.


Actually, METABOLIZM is way out of your league. You’re not good enough to even try out, while METABOLIZM is a top tier member.
You’re a better trash talker though, which you will prove in your response to this.

Did you even manage to get a single win against him?


lol Metab is a decent Guile/Boxer but ive played better ones IRL and on GGPO, hence, not upto snuff. Sorry, but non-stop rush punches dont work when they keep getting eaten resulting in dizzy then KO’d boxer. lol @ me managing a single win. He won 3 times because he actually adapted this time, which is why i said he got better. He used to get 0 wins.

He has the potential to be better, but he wont reach it on HDR since comp is stagnant. Moreover, the connections are still horrible, which made me realize why i stopped gettin on HDR in the first place lol. He must play numerous people way better than him, not lose bad to one decent person ocassionally but then beat up on scrubs.

Regardless if you prefer HDR or ST, unless you have access to IRL high level comp, playing the overall higher level comp on GGPO will make you better at either game.

The only person who even gave me a decent challenge on HDR the same night was el patriarca, and he completely went silent after 8 losses. Even switched to Claw when Gouki wasnt winning. Shock to his system when someone replied back to him in spanish and raped him, making his rage then complete silence all the better.

That said, if Metabolizm is the top tier member of your clan, how are the rest of yall? If youre any indicator, the rest of yall arent even worth it. Im out of his league? Hes losing to an average player lol. Metab has potential, i cant say the same for you. I know you or anyone from your “clan” (lol) will never hop on GGPO just for the higher level comp.

Never forget Super… “I GOTTA TURN OFF MY MIC AND GET SERIOUS.” Ive heard that numerous times and the result never changed. The first time i heard it, it was when i ran a train against both you and Metabolizm. And thats happened twice with both of yall in the same room on separate occasions.

lol Irony, yes?


GG’s to Tarman and Blitzfu. even though blitz never responds to my friend requests or messages.


You won’t see the SURPERIOR FIGHTERS on GGPO simply because we have input watchers over there (You know what i’m talking about).
Super is well aware of this. That’s why him and his buttbuddy are still stuck playing HDR thinking they are the best , haha.

They would get eaten alive on GGPO , especially super.


Oh god… Turbo? Both of em?..


[SIZE=3]Super has used turbo for as long as i can remember. Metabolizm i’m not sure but it wouldn’t suprise me at all since he decided to be in a SF clan with Super1NYC.[/SIZE]