Eh, ive never seen any evidence of Metab using. Is Metab the buttbuddy? Ive seen Super do some questionable shit that i thought mustve been turbo in certain situations concerning hands. Or turning off the mic to get serious faster than anyone ive ever seen, i thought was turbo.

Neither instance helped him though.

But if thats why he wont hop on GGPO, lol. Thats why Input Watch is great.




Con, we both know that I can easily crush you without doing a single hundred hands slap.
You’ll always make excuses, because you’re not a good player so what else can you do?? :slight_smile:
I routinely beat el patriarca and make him rage quit, as he did recently, and Honda vs Akuma is one of the worst matchups in the game.

METABOLIZM and I are both way out of your league, so instead of typing our names to get attention, try getting better. :slight_smile: We practice with the best, and we beat the best. Again, you are in no position to be saying anything at all. If you feel otherwise, we will both have a first to 5 against you, and we will both beat you.

ExposedD lost miserably to me in ranked and still can’t get over it, that’s hilarious. He needs to practice so that next time won’t be a waste of my time.


Odd… Why hasnt it happened yet? lol

rofl Where are these excuses? And why all of a sudden are you denying your losses? Youve never done it before whenever i popped in here to remind you youre easy.

Im gonna raise the bullshit flag on this one. If you were beating a faggot like patriarca, you would have videos up say “LOOK, I TROLLED THIS AKUMA!!! WITH HONDA!!!”

You deny the losses, then you admit your out of my league? Wow, i applaud you for that one. It must be hard for you to admit that someones skill level is higher when youre the SUPERIOR FIGHTERS.

But i am in a position to say something, ive beaten you and your TOP TIER clan mate down. Anyone who has beaten you down can look at what i said and confirm “yep, he does that to a T”. And the best? rofl. Theres higher level comp overall on GGPO.

Id be happy to accept on GGPO. Last night was a clear reminder why i stopped hopping on HDR: stagnant comp, unstable connections, and most of all, people who have no idea how to punish, or what footsies are, then complain when my pokes are stuffing everything their doing. On GGPO, better connections, easy for others to spectate, and best of all, Input Watch to show everyone once and for all that you dont use turbo. A win for you even though youll lose lol.

Best of all, someone would be willing to stream it live, straight from GGPO if i asked.

As i stated in the Bad Games thread…


I saw a long post, but I only read where you doubted that I beat el patriarca and made him rage quit, and you are wrong as usual.
I can see that last part of your post as well, but that’s it, I won’t waste my time by reading the rest.

You proved me right by trash talking up a storm, and your lack of skill makes you very angry.

I will continue to crush you, as I always have. Try recording something impressive - if you can ever manage to get a win against a good player.

Oh right, you can’t! :slight_smile: HAHAHAHA

We can play some matches and record all of them but what’s the point?
You know I always beat you in a majority of games, and that’s all that matters.
I’m willing to beat you again 5 more times though, so contact me via xbox live if you accept my terms.
After I beat you on Xbox live, I will gladly crush you on GGPO as well.

Again, you’re not good enough to beat me, that’s why I beat you in a majority of games.
That’s the way it’s always been.

I won’t deal with you here anymore though, it’s pointless.

Here’s METABOLIZM’s exact response to your BS:
“i read the nonsense. who is that fool anyway? probably a guy i beat numerous times and is just talking trash”


If angry fools such as the extremely laggy, angry swedish meatball Bison player “Dekor II” also known as ExposedD, and the mostly unknown scrub coN are so jealous of skilled clans, they can always make their own lesser clans. So go ahead, maybe you’ll have some good games instead of hating and being jealous of those in clans you can’t get into. :slight_smile:

You can call it “The Exposed Con!” :slight_smile:

ExposedD/Tobleronelul** =**** Dekor II, Yodeller Extraordinaire**


And here we are with the (failing) reverse psychology. You pull this out everytime in this thread when someone rapes you and denial sets in. What you say isnt gonna matter when no one believes you and especially when the HDR community thinks youre a joke.

I mean, one time you did the whole “TURN OFF MY MIC…” schtick and when you were losing, cipher2000 (IIRC) was making fun of you the whole time cause you were getting beat down. Then came the numerous ‘leave and rejoins’ so no one who joined would see the losses. rofl

Ive already set the terms and why they are on GGPO. Reliability of connections, easy for people to spectate, easy for someone to live stream it (and probably with commentary) so everyone not on GGPO can watch, and best of all, to show everyone ONCE AND FOR ALL you dont use teh turbo. Im pretty sure youll actual gain some form of (much wanted on your end) respect.

As for Metabs comments, do you really think with a mentality of SUPERIOR FIGHTERS that hed tell you he lost?

I doubt youll ever hop on to play me. I would happily concede and if proven wrong, ill admit i was in the wrong about you and GGPO. Just like i admitted Metab actually got better and got those 3 wins (out of 10 matches total give or take) but overall, hes still not upto snuff against higher level players. He actually got smart this time and stopped but his continual mistakes got him killed anyway. Nonstop dash punches? Trying to meaty on wakeup against someone who can reverse? Is no one punishing the telegraphed headbutts? And yall are playing the best? Seems like trying to expose the delay for dropped inputs lol

That being said, youre never gonna hop on GGPO in order to prevent it from happening lol.

Now for the copy & paste denial incoming…




I’ve already challenged da SUURPPRERERIOR FIGHTERS 2-3 times now. But super dosen’t want 2 play because he knows he’s gonna lose. All he can do is make some funny stuff up and post it on here. All in all , the guy is a mental case and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


Thats the best part; I know hes a joke lol. Rubbing it in his face just exacerbates his attitude in turn making me laugh. How old was he when he won the piano playing nationals again? I think a temper tantrum of copy & paste posts are incoming. Remember the last time he had a meltdown in this thread?


Pretty sure I’ve never received a request or message from you. Shoot one over and I’ll accept. Good games.


Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more clueless - METABOLIZM doesn’t even use Balrog, that’s someone else using his account.
I beat el patriarca’s akuma yesterday again in the only match we played, both rounds and he sent the usual rage mail. If you think that’s too good to be true, thanks! That’s the ultimate compliment.

Since you would not accept my challenge, I’ll just have to beat you in ranked sometime like I did with Dekor II. (ExposedD)
Cvirgin, trash talk less and practice more - fix that horribly laggy connection and next time don’t start with us.
Otherwise, just play with Dekor II - your laggy connections deserve each other.

Good games to everyone I’ve played recently.


Ysee, this is why meltdowns are funny… In stories like these, its fun poking holes in them just like you would a condom…

Just to be perfectly concise: So youre saying that wasnt him eh? You play with the guy constantly, yet you cant point out that he didnt use Boxer, so you had to ask IF IT WAS HIM? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

**Moreover, when you asked him about our games and he said “probably someone who lost…” yadda yadda, why didnt he mention it then? And why didnt you mention then HE DOESNT PLAY BOXER? DOES HE USE NOT USE HONDA AS WELL? lololololololololololololololol **

And you say you beat patriarca…

You know the saying, “If its too good to be true, it probably is.” I applaud you thanking me for agreeing with the statement. You “winning” with no vid falls into this category. I stand by my statement of…

In anycase, since that magically WASNT Metab, then my remark of him having potential is officially revoked since his Guile is like your gameplay: weak.
What do i think is a general outline of his thought process during a match vs his Guile? “Cant boom since his fireball nullifies it, his pokes either beat mine clean or trade in his favor @ close - mid range, so imma jump in repeatedly even though they all get AA’d. Okay, that seems like a good idea.”




I forgot i even posted in that thread. Look how much has changed since then. (Nothing)

Anyways, ive poked holes in stories and derailed long enough. Continue with GGs…


You use profanity, and METABOLIZM uses Guile and Honda.
You try to hide who you are out of shame, while we are very proud of who we are.
Let it be known that you are one of the biggest trash talkers this forum has ever seen. Shame on you.


GGs EL PATRIARCA, PART 2. Your rage makes me laugh. I got on an hour ago for one last HDR run. Fresh off the HDR press and hey, i wont just say i won and dont post proof of his rage…

So im a faggot, and use turbo? rofl GGPO can easily verify otherwise. This last one he sent was after losing 9 - 0, trying to use Gouki, O.Ken, and Claw. I msg’d him in spanish, and once again, he FLIPPED.

lol Serious irony in what he said.


Thanks for accepting.


Good games to all Superior Fighters, old and new members alike.
We don’t hide in invite only rooms or attempt to hide our gamerids.]
We don’t send rage mail or make false statements.
Instead, we’re too busy welcoming all challengers and mopping the floor with everyone! :slight_smile:

GGS also to everyone I’ve played with recently, too many names to list.

Amazing winning streak, between 50 and 100 wins IN A ROW!
4 perfects simultaneously:

Afro Legends vs yuh vega dj:

Super1NYC (E. Honda) vs aniken / buhilaro (Ken):


GGS: METABOLIZM, top Honda and Guile!
** METABOLIZM’s brother** using Balrog, you keep getting better and better!
** howmuchkeefe**
Hurt Hurricane
** Ramza86**
** EasyDaKid**
Master DJW

Also GGS to anyone I missed…