GGs to everyone I’ve played lately! Awesome as always to play the usual suspects, and a pleasure to meet strangers like HF cornsyrup

special thx to evoanon and decisive bow for putting up with my losing repeatedly


GGS howmuchkeefe! :slight_smile:


Good games: Hurt Hurricane, blitzfu, METABOLIZM,**CoolDEVASTATOR, omeli85, ****ize4lyf aka NLP OU, Cvital, kelvinhbo, payasin999, rokuto **and everyone else. :slight_smile:


NLP OU / ize4lyf (Dhalsim) vs Hurt Hurricane (Vega) Parts 1 and 2 - SF1



Amazing good games to Hurt Hurricane, METABOLIZM, HF CornSyrup, CIPHER 2000, Auwdio,Caucajun, Eazy Da Kid and everyone else!


GGS to all of the above, as well as RenoMD, “I EmpirioN I” and anyone I missed.

METABOLIZM (E. Honda) vs I EmpirioN I (Blanka) 1, 2, 3 - 1-26-2013 - SF1

Hurt Hurricane (Vega) vs RenoMD (M. Bison)


GGS: TOUCH 0F D3ATH, kelvinhbo

Update 2/1/2013:

GGS: METABOLIZM, blitzfu, vvGuTTa B33ZYvv and ** Auwdio** aka** left4feds.**


PRAISE MAIL Volume 1 - Positive messages from Caucajun - SSF2THDR SF1


ggs 2 the following, its been awhile but iam back yall. Wake up shoryuken and full screens supers all day baby.

squirly309 (shoto-powah, so much fun)
gbryu916 (some nice comebacks to steal the win from me and beating me down in general)
blitzfu (i leave hdr for two years and come back and all the shoto players are now playing thawk, us shotos need to stick together mang, your reversals scare me)
This does not include you Mike:)
conry6eef (I got the gief beat down)
brahdawg (shoryuken)
Axe One ( JP player lost to his gief 4-40 or something. I cant reversal online but you had me. I was so happy for those wins)


GGs to these world warriors: Jumpsuit, C Vital, MonFyy, and SuperiorTech83


Cool the xbl hdr forum is back. GGs to all that I’ve played these past couple of weeks while working on my fei


ggs to ducky swanson, GBryu, ize4lif(you have a familiar playstyle), Mr.64 and BlitzFu(a lot of fun last couple games). Been playing on pad when im bored(not really a difference between stick and pad to me anymore as I feel used to both), not too offen though.


GG guys. I just recently found this amazing game on Xbox Live, i had to create an account in Live-US because it’s not available in my live’s country, Brazil. I always loved SF II. HDR is outstanding, best SF game i’ve played. Last time i played SF II was during the arcade days back in 1994.

It was just a bonus for me to find out that some good players still play this game, it made me to buy MadCatz Arcade Stick.

Played a few games with some amazing players. ggs to** BlitzFu**, metabolizm (great honda fighter), super1NYC, **ElJurf **and many others. I also noticied there are some asian (specially Japaneses) during my morning time, around 12 GMT.


You bought the wrong joystick homie…


what’s the best joystick for street fighter? can you link me?

btw, there is a girl very good with guile, her nickname: MsJieGuns, ggs






You guys still here?