SSFIIT HDR Matchmaking



ok the game is out this month!:lovin: time for some matchmaking. update your friend list People!!!

XBL GamerTag:
Your Characters:

XBL GamerTag: Critical Combos
Your Characters: Balrog, Dhalsim, Sagat, Ken, Ryu, Zangief & Deejay
Controller:Custom Arcade Stick & EX2


what date does this come out on exactly?

is it for download on 360?


Gamertag: Dragonjab

Characters: Ryu,Ken,Zagat.

Controller: Hori ex 2=2 buttons don’t work since the beta, Madcats tournament edition when it comes out. Sanwa all the way.


I’m with this. Hopefully we can get some good networking here.

Gamertag: thrust07
Characters: Mostly charge characters, always open to new strats
Controller: Pelican with seimitsu buttons, JLF and Madcatz Arcade PCB

Open to making friends too if you’re cool peeps. Holler!


How can people who haven’t played the game yet know their HD remix characters? :-S


Gamertag: Angel666sf
Characters: Ryu, Ken
Come one Europe players, add me :smiley:


Critical king X eh


XBL GamerTag: Don Barracuda
Your Characters: Dee Jay, M.Bison
Controller: Stock Hori Ex 2 :sad:


XBL GamerTag: Bogchild
Your Characters: Guile, Dee Jay, Vega, will give others a go in the new version though
Controller: Hori Ex 2


Bison, Sagat, Akuma (for now…)



Bison, Fei-long



bison, vega
waiting on my hrap ex :frowning: so pad until then


Gamertag: rashreflection
Characters: Pretty much everyone, Balrog is my main in ST fwiw
Controller: Modded T5 Hori (should get this done before it comes out)


whos this?


XBox Gamertag: ZerodotJander
Characters: Boxer, Blanka
Controller: Stock EX2

Is there also going to be a PSN matchmaking thread, or should we post that info in here too? I’m definitely buying it twice!


Xbox gamertag: immortalbmw
Characters: Vega & Chun Li
Controller: Hori DOA4 stick


Custom stick


XBL Gamertag: SpiralAu
Characters: Dictator
Controller: EX2 but hopefully building a custom once I get some spare cash.

I’m still learning ST and all, so I’m looking forward to getting stomped and hell maybe even learning something. But honestly, I mean that in the most positive way possible.


XBL: The 9mm Panacea
Chars: Yes
Controller: Custom